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Summer Kiss

By Merwild
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illustration for The Summer Palace by C.S. Pacat
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The best kiss ever!
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This is one of the best kissing drawings I had ever seen!
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I finally read this trilogy because of your art and boy was that a wild ride
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I'd love to take the place of one of these guys.
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damn. that's hot. very very hot. fapworthy hot.
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I keep adding more books to read to my pile when I see your work! And so far, so good! You blend the love and lust so well together. It's not just sexy, there is so much emotion to your work. That takes a great deal of talent. Awesome!
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Thank you!!!!
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I feel like I'm there, intruding, and need to give them some space. You've somehow managed to make this sort of like a snapshot, a moment captured in time.

Btw that right hand placement made me blush~ Haha~
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I couldn't resist (about the right hand) :)
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Love Love  Love it. It's... wow... just WOW!
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Really beautiful !! 
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Beautiful. They looks so in love
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beautiful as always !
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Je ne savais pas qu'il y avait des short stories du prince captif :O. Je l'ai decouvert par azar! Tout de suite m'informer!
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Oui, pour le moment, il y en a deux, et il y en aura encore 2 autres.
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oueh j'ai vu. J'ai essayer de les trouver en français mais il y a que en anglais. Je vais devoir faire avec
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C'est seulement en anglais.
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Your art has made me dearly want to read this series... 
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Don't think, read it! :)
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I just bought the first book. AHH!! thank you.  :)
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Good reading! :D
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OH MY. MY. MY. thank you. I just binged all three books, and the cleverness, earnestness, and wonderfulness of it has taken me over.  THANK YOU!
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