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Captive Prince

By Merwild
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Damen and Laurent from the Captive Prince trilogy by C.S. Pacat.
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I've only recently discovered these books and this is EXACTLY what I imagined these two would look like.
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Ok, first of all: this is stunning! But the blonde guy looks soo familiar and it drives me mad that I can't put my finger on it! Have you used any actor or so as a model?
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I was inspired by Daniel Sharman for the blonde one. 
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Your Laurent looks so much better than Daniel Sharman

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GYAAAAA! More pls!!!
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I can't get over their expressions here! They're sooo...Laurent and Damen! 
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You! I stumbled on your art from Captive Prince and it intrigued me so much that I found the first book today and read it. Today! In two sittings. I am hooked and IT IS ALL YOUR FAULT!!

Um.... thank you. I may never forgive you. ..but thank you...
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Wait for the two other books and you will thank me even more :p
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I have. All I've done is read this. I think I hate you. And now there is no more. I haz a great sad.


Oh and great Voltron art, too, which is actually what pulled me into your gallery in the first place!
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Have you read the short stories too? Especially The Summer Palace?
And thanks!!!
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Only the one about Erasmus. I'm too short of funds to given in to the temptation... I'm rereading now. And then I really need to get back to my own writing.
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I absolutely love your interpretation of Damen and Laurent!
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Probably  one of my favorite Laurents not effete- but strong and connecting with Damen
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Love this.  Was captivated by the books years ago and in need of a re-read after seeing your interpretation of the characters.  Beautiful job!
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This is really gorgeous!
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I work for a book publisher in the US, and we're fans of your art. I sent you a private Note last week regarding a possible project. Did you get it? Thanks.
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I got it. But this is the internet and I have no possibility to know if the message is serious or not.
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Thanks for writing back. This is a serious message. I contacted you on behalf of the art director, Donna Mark, at BloomsburyUSA. We're the publisher of Sarah J. Maas. Donna is hoping you'll contact her via email at You can check out the company web site at If, instead, you have a preferred way of being contacted for art commissions, please let me know and I will pass that on to her. Thanks!
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I'll send my personal email in a private Note. Thanks.
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J'adore cette Illustration. La façon dont ils se regardent...:) (Smile) Si l'histoire avait vraiment été comme tu le represente sur ton oeuvre elle aurait été beaucoup plus intéressante a apprendre a l'ecole :D (Big Grin) . Je veut dire, ça a été même si c'etait  encore plus en cachette que maintenant. J'ai même commencer a Chercher The captive prince trilogy en français. Tu ne serait pas si elle existe?
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Oui, ça s'appelle Prince Captif (en français) et c'est assez facile à trouver en librairie, dans le rayon Fantasy/science Fiction :)
JohnnyDontBeGood's avatar
Je les ai commander sur amazon. J'espere ne pas etre déçus car j'ai pris les 3 lol. Comme un con maintenant que j'y pense :( (Sad) . J'ai sur internet qu'ils associait souvent le mannequin Brésilien Marlon Teixeira a  Damen. Il a qq ressemblances avec le tiens :D (Big Grin) 
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