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it looks unfinished to me but im sick of working on it... so lets just say its done? P: i spent more hours on this than what it looks like since i changed my mind a lot during this. i really only worked on it for the sake of forcing my artblock out.

its a scene from one of my stories, Silaurnginga Apocalyptica, which takes place in a land similar to the North Slope of Alaska, though its fantasy/alternate history type... and the story is based off a dream i had. the weird tower is some kind of gigantic smoke stack that was part of an abandoned frontier town ((called Phearson)) in the dream, so it plays a part in the story, too. the canine character there in the foreground is TJ, an albino mutt who lived in the abandoned town when its human inhabitants, including TJ's owner, mysteriously died. idk who the canine is in the background. it just seemed like a good place to put a silhouetted character xP it could be any of the other canines in the story, tbh.

so yeah... i hope someone likes this painting more than i do P:

the animal characters of the story call the region the story takes place in "Silaurnginga". it means "end/edge of the world" in Inuktitut.
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Looks really awesome! I love the lighting, and the background is amazing! The only thing I can suggest is that you make your painting style a little bit smoother, specially in the dog's fur. (: