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FF7xFF13- Lightning and Cloud

By meru-chan
It's April 16th so that means ACC is released along with the FF13 demo, so drew these twins two~ \o/
Seen some vids of the demo ahhh just wow ><

Tools: SAI, Photoshop
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Black924's avatar
Should've seen that pun coming
Cloudyfan's avatar
Cloud would say : nice work ! ^^
eddiehimselfstolemyu's avatar
Y'know, Cloud is only like 2cm taller than Lightning?
savezero's avatar
And he is 2cm shorter than Fang.
rama-momo96's avatar
i would love to see a spar fight between them cx
Syiren's avatar
I haven't played FF13 and don't know Lightning's story. Why do I feel like I'm missing out on something great? I've heard many people compare Lightning with Cloud and I'm curious to find out why.  
cloudxlightning's avatar
Cloud, emo as always.
Alysiuss's avatar
if being emo means being sad that  his best friend was killed in front of him. had his memories messed up so bad he thought he was his best friend. had a co worker destroy his town and kill his mother almost killing his childhood friend and actually seeing his loved one die in front of him? then yes cloud is very emo
shafninja's avatar
Great pic. Coolest duo ever.
chamomile-m's avatar
They're like twins o.o
Chloemax826's avatar
I was thinking the same thing!!*looks at Lightning and Cloud*R U GUYS RELATED?!?!CUZ IF U DO..*smacks them*y didnt chu tell meh??? ;^;
Eternal--Art's avatar
Awesome drawing! :D :heart:
pikagirl7077's avatar
yessssss! pics of cloud, so cute! :)
AliceVII's avatar
oh ! wow wow wow
So much alike, but unique as can be.
WaCkY-k's avatar
Lol this is pretty funny cause I cosplay Cloud and a friend as Lightning and we were together at a con and now I know how it looks like xD
firebreather2536's avatar
o its final fantasy
firebreather2536's avatar
is this kingdom hearts?
Rinhorse18's avatar
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