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FF7- What if.......

By meru-chan
....a personality switch?

hahahaaaa. haven't cg'd for so long(outside of commisions). so just a quick drawing (i miss drawing these two lolol) what a random idea i had, i wanted to put down. i'm so sleepy i just put whatever I think Cloud will say lol oh well zzzz
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DanomaruZenon's avatar
If you're gonna switch their personalities, then you might as well switch Sephiroth, Angeal & Genesis' with each other!!!
KalahariMeerkatfan's avatar
That would be the day the world would end...
Hahahaha. Pretty clever! I'll love to see this XD.
PS: sorry for my english, it's not my native language.
KakariGeikoGirl's avatar
Yup, what Cloud's doing is sooooo Zack:giggle:
Soft-Ears's avatar
If this happened suddenly it would feel weird.........
Like, if Sasuke had blue eyes . . . Um. Reincarnation story? Where Zack is Naruto, Cloud is Sasuke, and Aerith is Sakura? Or, other way around? Naruto is Zack, Sasuke is Cloud, and Sakura is Aerith? There's one like that on fanfiction, a oneshot called Headbangers. The first version I said. It's funny.

This is adorable, even if seeing Zack . . . BROOD is really freaking weird. And after AC, Cloud looking like THAT is about the same level of weird. But a good pic.
wateralchemist001's avatar
I just love this picture, most imporantly I love zack's face!!
curlybee11's avatar
it....looks so out of place
AliceVII's avatar
sooooooooo funny soooo beautiful
DigitalPear's avatar
That would be... A PARADOX! D:
Teams--Black's avatar
Zack not being peppy? This seems so wrong! I can't picture it and it's right in front of me XD
perfectflyer's avatar
Weeeeelll someone had too much to drink. Cloud just go to bed already.
Super cute, BTW.
dongpants22222's avatar
Hoo boy that would be weird, I could never see Zack like that.
MCRxRoxx's avatar
you know something, when i first looked at this i immediately thought of sasuke and naruto because of the personalty switch between zack and cloud
SWATKats-Fanatic's avatar
Cloud smiling...still not used to it
klemira's avatar's almost scary to see Zack like that xD But it's really cute!
SharpObsidian's avatar
Lancer from Fate/Zero and Zack look almost identical.
joelx19's avatar
hahaha... Cloud actually laughed
UchihaRiddle's avatar
..........*shiver* That is too weird, but AWESOME drawings!!!!!
Huskylover4200's avatar
ChibiKate22's avatar
HA HA I wonder how LOOOOONG cloud had to BLABBER to make Zack bored!

Its weard to see cloud smile after watching FF7 AC......but CUTE!!!
Chungphantomhive's avatar
This personality switch really makes me think...
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