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FF7- Types of Cloud

By meru-chan
Man, that's a lot of spikes.. xD

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Gotta wonder what kid Cloud would think seein' one of his future selves in drag :D Probably a bit of "What the poop...?"
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SO CUUTE. Cloud is really hot. 
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8/10 too many clouds
DlyanBlake1666's avatar
Today's forecast; Cloudy with a chance of Hair gel.

Well done Meru!
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lots of spike and a cute looking dress and tiara!
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You forgot a Cloud!  Kingdom Hearts 1 Cloud's missing!
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if thats a legit family of clouds i would be in them

and you know why my icon
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Clouds..that really got to me..haha!
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Let's see...
Nimbus (child)
Cumulonimbus (FF7)
CirroStratus (Purple dress)
nimbostratus (Advent children)
Cumulus (SOLDIER)

Cloudy enough?
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It's certainly foggy..hahaha!
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Sorry, I mist that.
ZidaneTribalJitan's avatar
Watch out for the rain.
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Don't let this cloud Your judgement.
ZidaneTribalJitan's avatar
Your mind must be clouded.
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oooh i like the cosdressing cloud~
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The crown of the princess... one object you may find for Corneo selects Cloud XDD.
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Gotta love Cloud-ette~ XD
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Advent Children Cloud, Young Cloud, PS1 Cloud, Miss Cloud, FF7 Cloud, and Crisis Core Cloud! Aah, so cute! :love:
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a lot of spikes indeed.
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the little version of cloud is before Final Fantasy 7 Crisis Core, the the Cloud on the far right is Final Fantasy 7 Crisis Core, the two in the center is Final Fantasy 7 Original Game, and the Cloud holding the younger Cloud is from the movie Final Fantasy 7 Advent Children, am I right?
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