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CCFF7- For your sake...

By meru-chan
I like that Dissidia!Cloud makes some references to Zack through his lines and such.
One like where Tidus commented about the Buster sword being heavy in which Cloud replies "It isn't a burden, it's an important sword." 

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*-* Loved that game. 
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Well Tidus is shit what do you expect?
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Cool Job;) (Wink) The thing is those DAMN Shinra troops were a bunch of loose cannonsFacepalm   because Tsung wanted Zack brought in ALIVENo, I disagree! 
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Square Enix loves to torture its best characters and its fans. They create this AWESOME character that everyone falls in love with and then you kill him off. While I get that its important with the whole storyplot of FF7 and Cloud wouldn't be Cloud without what happened, it still isn't fair that Zack had to go, especially that way. Sure he died protecting a friend, and yes, he went down fighting or as the old saying goes, "He died with his boots on" but still. I wish there was a way to bring Zack back.

Maybe he'll come back in Kingdom Hearts 3, since it's got a lighter theme and There's a chance of bringing the three from BBS back and Zack made friends with each one of them.

As for the artwork, it's epic. You manage to flawlessly capture them so perfectly. I can't find a single missed detail.
Will be nice if he find cloud or leon
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Especially Cloud. Maybe that's the light that Cloud had trouble finding aside from Tifa's light which helped him in the second game.
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R.I.P zack i love you :heart:
you are amazing meru-chan i love all your works
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im...alomost crying ;w; this is amazing... Zack and Cloud are my favs ;o; i cried when zack died
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i love this! (By the way Cloud and zack are both my charaters OK......
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That was my fave line in the game |D
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simply stunning. I absolutely adore this! :D
instant fav :)
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the ending of crisis core nearly made my cry, which is better than what can be said about the the xiii 2 ending and dlc because those did make me cry still a great pic nonetheless!
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Best friends forever nothing will separate them away...although the death of Zack did!!! but still his soul is in Cloud's heart after all he is his living legacy :)
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ah cloud my dream man! Lol I love cloud!!! N I love Zack!! U did amazing work but I bet you already know that. Lol.
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Beautiful!!! I love it!
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The only thing that I think is incorrect about this is Cloud's uniform is different than Zack's. (btw I could be wrong because I have not seen all the ff7 series.) but other than that, this is awesome! :la:
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-squeals- Cloud and Zack! Your work is amazing! This is so beautiful. Great job <3
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I second that Dissidia Cloud was EXTREMELY well done <3 and I love the ANGST in this picture...DAGH, poor Cloud looks so tired :(
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Z. I like that too. Also funny how everybody keeps talking about hero Sephiroth's past. Too bad they killed Zack off.

"It's not heavy. It's a Memento." Makes me kinda sad.
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