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CCFF7- Do your best

By meru-chan
aaa too busy lately OTL
anyway, quick CG while on break. Hm Been a while since I drew Zack '3'

Tools: SAI, Photoshop
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BleachYaoiFangurl's avatar
Awnnnnn cloud is smiling (never see that in my life) XDD so kawaii
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Cool Job:) (Smile)  Ya know (if you saw that first captain america movie) the way Steve and Bucky were with each other was like how Cloud and Zack were:D (Big Grin) Cloud/Steve and Zack/Bucky;) (Wink) - Cloud wanting to be in SOLIDER/Steve wanting to be in the army and Zack looking out for Cloud/Bucky looking out for Steve:D (Big Grin) Get it?
fattglosh60's avatar
I want every die-hard fangirl of the ff series to picture this: a manly, bearded, lumberjack physique Cloud Strife, doing something manly like chopping wood in a forest. Please, enlighten me.
heredia28's avatar
oh god you say it like something impossible i wantsomeone to picture like seph raped genesis in case to punish him for killing genesis - and what?
fattglosh60's avatar
Dont get mad at me, I just wanted an opinion. Did i offend you somehow?
heredia28's avatar
cause you proclaiming thing which so trivial and popular saying like its something impossible
fattglosh60's avatar
Well chill dude, geez. . . I just wanted to see everyone else's thoughts on the matter. Don't need to get so butthurt about.
heredia28's avatar
saying by the one who screamed: "its terrible" in my fic there sephiroth raped zack in case to punish him for kiling genesis
heredia28's avatar
butthurt - funny to hear this from the bitch who screamed "it have no right to exist" in views of my fic about girlfriend of sephiroth crucified aerith and beheaded zack
fattglosh60's avatar
Chill out, geez.... I just wanted too see what people thought about it.
heredia28's avatar
its well shown by their fics and by their reaction on my fics which were all removed since i was only one in whose fics seph wasnt zacks whore
heredia28's avatar
шеы цудд ырщцт ин еруш ашсы фтв ин ерушк куфсешщт щт ьн ашсыб цр
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I actually have this on my fone :DDDD
AkuDemyfan's avatar
Awww! That is so cute! :aww:

AkaChibi13's avatar

Like, this is my FF7 yaoi OTP-Bromance-thingy.
Which ends tragically in Canon.
*sobs because so beautiful together uguu~*
AerithStrife90's avatar
Cloud here is so sweet :heart: nice draw!!! ^___^
ancient's avatar
chocobo hair! .m.!
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i looooooooove you zack :heart: :squee:
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FF 7 crisis core is a good game :)
Dragona15's avatar
me gusta dem moment
: D
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