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It's a dragon! I was going to try and shade this, but I couldn't quite figure out the face so I let it be.
 I had a whole bunch of dragon designs I wanted to colour and while looking at line art I came across some really cool lines from rachaelm5 . Of course the dragon designs aren't exact but they're good enough! And fun to colour. These particular lines can be found here
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I really like the way you used the different shades of blue on the spines and fluff.  The effect is nifty.

Mythical creatures = creative anatomy.  Of course they're not "exact".  I tend to render very stylized creatures rather than realistic ones.  I've been dinged by hoity-toity professionals in the field before for not being "exact" and it always burns me up because precise and accurate anatomy has never been the point of my creatures.  I'm all about pattern and design, really.  :-)