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Sacred Geometry Custom Shapes

TO PURCHASE these CUSTOM SHAPES please follow the link over to my etsy shop!…

- i've done this to make it easier to keep up with who's buying what where. Sorry if this causes any confusion!


I love using sacred geometry in my art, but it's a pain in the butt to make from scratch. So i decided to throw together a few custom shapes to make it easier. I've included some of the major complex designs, such as the Flower of Life & Metatron's Cube, as well as some basic polygon shapes to be played with & manipulated as you will to make new shapes :)

If you like them i'd appreciate a comment, but the world will go on spinning either way. I've started asking a $1 donation for use of my custom shapes exclusively on deviant art, as i am broke atm & need to make the most of my resources. But it's just a dollar & once you buy them you can use them for anything you want, free or commercial. 

*****Every once in a while someone will download the shapes & they don't work. They get a text file full of code. They seem to work for most everyone but it still happens occasionally. IF THIS HAPPENS TO YOU, i can see if you paid or not - please send an email to, tell me you're from deviantart and your username. I will email you the file directly. And if it still doesn't work, I will send you a direct link to the vectors on my google drive. EVERYONE BE HAPPY! <3
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Thank you from Perillo (A Coruña) - Spain

i am unable to get this brush set as it says sold out on etsy, please suggest other methods to obtain this.
Hi!  The link to your etsy shop is no longer working.  Are you still on etsy?  Thanks!
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alguien podría decirme como descargar este pak de formas
How many shapes are included?
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Well, I am now about to pay 100 points to buy these brushes, so that I can use them for possible commercial use. Hopefully they download correctly! :-)
Please tell me how to get these as I've paid for them and need them!!!
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Hey there!  Sorry, this happens sometimes - in fact, in the description i've mentioned it and given an email address to reach me at!  Most people reach me there and I don't check in with my deviantart every day (or week - i should more i just always forget to) and so anyways..... if you found the email address just disregard this, if not, please send me an email to if you still want them, or if you want a refund if the time has passed and you no longer need them, just let me know! Sorry I just now am seeing this. Will do what i can. sorry. I went to another computer that had Firefox and was able to download the file without a problem. You might want to make a note the Internet Explorer doesn't work. Anyway, I have the shapes that I need and thanks!
I've paid for them now how do I get them? It shows purchased but nothing happens with the download link. I need these ASAP. Can you help?
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Do you have a link to your Etsy page?
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these are gorgeous but I can't pay it in the form of deviant coins. i'd have to spend 5 bucks to give u one buck. 
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Here - i sell them in my Etsy shop too! I sell them there for $2 but if you use the code SACREDGEOMETRY at checkout it will knock off the extra dollar :)
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these are absolutely amazing
Hi!  I want to purchase your download, but don't see a little lock on the page requesting my credit card info - how do I know if this is a secure page? 
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Also, I sell it on my Etsy page. I charge $2 there, but if you use coupon code SacredGeometry you can download it there for $1 through december 31.  I am sure it's a secure page. Millions of transactions go on on etsy every day and nobody has ever reported a problem. 
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Hi! I have no idea? If you wish to pay me through paypal you can, & once i receive the payment i will send you the file via email?  

I've bought things on deviantart myself and can assure you nobody stole my credit card number, but i totally understand being careful.  If you would would to do it via paypal, my paypal payment address is Just pop me a dollar over that way & i'll send you the file. Or you can purchase them from my etsy page... but i sell them for $2 on etsy.  $1 is my special deviantart price.  Let me kow what you'd like to do & i'll do whatever i can to help.
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I'm sorry you feel this way.  I simply charged $1 for the work I put into them. Haters gon' hate. Good day, sir.
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