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Dynamic Bubble Brushes

Bubbles!!! A set of dynamic brushes.

To get the effect shown in the preview, use the brush on a blank layer. Reduce the fill to 0, then set your inner shadow to some shade of blue you like (or whatever you want, really), the inner glow is set to "center" at a slightly lighter shade of blue at a low opacity, & i did a rainbow gradient overlay, set to "color burn", i believe, with an extremely low opacity just to give it a slight opalescent look like bubbles have. Repeat this on a few different layers. Gaussian blur & drop the opacity of each layer except the front... the farthest back should be the blurriest & faintest, & progressively less blurry & darker until you reach the front layer. That's to get the effect in the preview, of course. Play around with them & experiment until you get the look you like.

I've started asking a $1 donation for use of my custom shapes exclusively on deviant art, as i am broke atm & need to make the most of my resources. But it's just a dollar & once you buy them you can use them for anything you want, free or commercial. 
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Thanks a bunch! Also for explaining how you got that effect! here is some thing I did:

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há muito tempo que procurava estas escovas...Muito obrigado!!!
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wow thank you!
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These look great! Thanks :hugs:
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