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Digital Sewing Kit

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These are dynamic Photoshop Brushes i made to simulate a variety of different stitching styles & rough fabric edges. They are meant to be stroked along a path, but can be used freehand as well, i suppose. If you like them let me know. If you use them and feel so inclined, please credit me. If not- oh well. I'll live. Feel free to use them commercially or how ever you please. Hope you enjoy :)  

***I've been trying to make it as a freelance graphic designer here lately (aka i'm unemployed atm) & money's tight so i've started charging $1 for download of my brushes. I figure $1 isn't enough to matter much to most people but for me they just might add up to a water bill or if i have a really good month, even an electric bill!  Sorry for the inconvenience & thanks for understanding.
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This was EXACTLY what I've been looking for for the past 72 hours or so. Found the link off of
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Just exactly what I was looking for to help create my Sister-in-Law's new quilting website.  Thanks for sharing your talents.
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thanks so much!
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These are by far the most beautiful sewing brushes I have seen out here.
They are in my Faves now,and I will get them now so I can start creating something pretty now.
Thanks for sharing your talent.
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Great stitches....i mean
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BRB, foaming at the mouth
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Thanks for sharing
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These are truly gorgeous. Saved my bacon more than once.
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Thank you for sharing!
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This is just wonderful! You're  brilliant. Thanks for sharing.
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Thank you so much !
(fav + downloaded)
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LOVE them!
Will credit you in my TOU with a link back to your gallery here in deviantArt. If you prefer credit directed somewhere else, please let me know!
Faved them too :)
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no need for credit, dear :) just make something pretty with them!
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faved, downloaded and will use them :)... ty very much!
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Hi I've used your great brush here. [link]
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thank you I have a lot photos that need this
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Hi, Got it.
Thanks, very useful I love them.. Lynette
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Hi.. where can i download these. I cannot see a link.
Please advise.
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