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ROTG - Dark pooka

By merrypaws
Rise of the Guardians hit me like few fandoms have done lately. My bookmark list on AO3 can bear witness to that.
One story I read lately was based on the premiss that instead of destroying the pooka race Pitch Black turned them all into fearlings. (Story here in case someone's curious: [link] ) Also, I ran into some very nice art of Jack Frost and Dark!Bunnymund on Tumblr, and the two together went a long way in inspiring this. (Warning, the image I linked is safe, but there be a lot of NSFW material over yonder)

Because c'mon, a giant bunny that just happens to act more like a slightly confused man-eating tiger? Who wouldn't have fun with that?

Sort-of character design-y thing. I didn't have a reference on Bunnymund on hand, so I just doodled a random pooka and tentatively called him Tarragon. Let's see if it sticks. I also need to add a little more detail to him in the future, the poor thing looks so plain.
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Zcat91819's avatar
Woah! That's a beast!
Saphira455's avatar
Uh... the tumblr you linked? I can't access it? I'd love to so I can see what's there, but it seems to be password protected.
merrypaws's avatar
Sorry, it's not my tumblr so I can't do anything about that. Probably should remove the link now that it doesn't work for most folks anymore...
Saphira455's avatar
You're fine, I was just wondering if you maybe knew the password.
Bunny was an actually bunny when he was alive.
VirtueIsMyVice's avatar
I absolutely love how you drew him! Clap It's so cool how you made something that is cute into a carnivorous beast. This is how I would imagine a were-rabbit. Wink/Razz 
RaguTheNinja's avatar
Nice! I like very much its anatomy.
Brackets002's avatar
Doggone and dagnabit. That's one whopping big rabbit.
SNYAG's avatar
HollyleafR0CKS's avatar
Awesome, what program? *puppy dog eyes* plz :3 my program stinks x.x
merrypaws's avatar
Very very old pirated copy of Photoshop. And I mean old. Like, version 5.5 old.
HollyleafR0CKS's avatar
Thanks! :) Mine is worse tho, its a pirated copy too and it's the first one D:
Anyways the picture is great :) I love the color, style EVERYTHING. Thanks again.
HMemma548's avatar

Is it me or does Dark Bunny design look similar to the rabbits in watership down?

Anyway love your dark bunny pics they're great

Clay-Gryphon's avatar
Nice character, him and my Hyde should hang out some c: Or y'know. Have a scrap. XD
merrypaws's avatar
Oh gosh darn. That's a big compliment coming from you, since your art of Hyde and Jokull was the nearly sole inspiration for my 'Dark Pooka & Lil' Jack'-verse.
Though I might want to skip the scrap part, cause... I have the feeling I wouldn't be getting my Bunny back. Not all of him anyway. >_>
Bindi-the-skunk's avatar
those are some BIG HONKING TEETH !
Illusioninme's avatar
LOL, great picture I'd love the thought of a monstrous giant bunny. Wonder how he'd react to Bunnymund?
merrypaws's avatar
I'm pretty sure he might attack Bunny on sight. Defending his territory and all that. Of course, he'd propably get his flully tail handed to him for it, since he'd be working on litle more than instinct, while Bunny has the ability to actually reason and plan ahead.
Illusioninme's avatar
yeah I guess you're right...still would be an awesome fight!
Rilguia's avatar
Wow...what a cool design!!! :la: I love it!! :iconlawooplz:
Jackie-SugarSkull's avatar
Daaaaaammmmmmmmn... :wow:

That is AMAZING.
apakalipto1's avatar
very nice i like it :)
Silvuri-Chan's avatar
I'd still snuggle him:heart:
SquishKink's avatar
omg omg omg /hyperventilates/
:iconcryforeverplz: why is your style so amazing?
the postures, and expressions are just, afbask epic ;A;

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