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Saying good-bye isn't always easy. Especially when you have made so many good friends, but my time on DeviantART has finally come to an end. I realized that I am too busy to draw. I'm even too busy to make a small comic. --- Miyukiko: You will be the person who I will miss most. We became fast friends and you happened to be one of my first watchers. I want to thank you for everything. Your art has inspired me in so many ways. I hope that you keep up the wonderful work and continue to draw. --- Everyone here has inspired and encouraged me to do my best. I want to thank you all for making my time here on DeviantART a most pleasant one. I
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The other day I found... "KELLOGG'S PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN" "Naturally Sweetened Chocolate Pearl Shaped Cereal with Pirate Shaped Marshmallows" Captain Jack Sparrow appears on the front of the box. HOW DID THIS HAPPEN?
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I was just talking with Queen Elizabeth and she broke my brain when she said; "You know, the Monarch Butterflies are migrating again. So many of those butterflies will never make it to their destination. I'm thinking of them, tonight." In like this sappy radio voice? Oh it hurts from laughing! Also we discussed the good old Viking Funeral vs. Being a Skeleton, and everything else in the world that is awesome. I DIDN'T JUST LIKE IT.
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Wow, draw your own stuff, you creep.
To Whom It May Concern;

My name is Colleen Laird (aka Masui) and I am one of the original creators of the This Water Grave internet comic.

During 2005 and 2006 my friend and collaborator Meredith Rogers ran an online comic called This Water Grave featuring adventures based on our personal lives.

Today I was extremely surprised to discover our artwork and my narrative text posts featured on this site under the user name Merry-Sensei. I contacted my colleague to see if she had started a deviantart page under the name. However, she assured me that she had not, had already seen the page featuring the plagiarized artwork, and had contacted you several times regarding the matter.

Although our site is no longer active, I do have all the original files on my hard drive with watermark date stamps. You can also clearly see on the thumbnail images that our names are on the artwork as C. Laird (my name) and A. Attaway (my dear friend) because the thief was too lazy to erase them. She did, however, white out my name on the larger images in an effort to continue her masquerade in what can really best be described as identity theft.

Moreover, the two characters featured - Masui (my username for nearly ten years now) and Merry-Sensei (Meredith's nickname given to her by her students) are the comic depictions of the two of us.

Also, the characters look like us because they are us.

In addition to the Water Grave comics, your user has stolen most of the original images of Ms. Attaway from her official art site.

I must insist that you remove the content of this site immediately as this is a strict legal infringement of copyright.

I can provide, if needed, any of the evidence I sited if required.

Please see to this immediately,

C. Laird
It is a crime for the world to be deprived of your drawings! : (
Hello, You can participate in my competition of drawing if you wishes it.
Here is the link: (see journal)
i am in love with your comic strip!!! i wish i had a pirates license. *pouts*
*Watch you*

You are funneh ;D
u sure r a good artist. I can only use edited sprites. I can't draw to save my life