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Long haul trucker

By MerQrous
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Drive a 18 wheeler big rig, run over for long distance delivery.

Bright Breezy drives a DAF XF105.

Bright Breezy from :iconitsmebrizy:
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Not a pony fan. but this looks really good. I am a truckin' fan.

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I'm currently driving a Renault Premium. 6x4 Chassis, 450hp engine, 12+2 speed gearbox with retarder.

ATS: Mack Anthem, 6x4 with 300 gallon tank, 450hp engine and 18-speed gearbox with retarder.

Short, long, normal, heavy...they can do anything.

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I suppose you've heard this song before:

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I have to say it's beautiful....I see you got the GPS from the Euro Truck Simulator :P
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I don't care for all though I actually like applejack but anyway your details are amazing! The cab and dash look fantastic!
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Oh my. Dat detail level. Nyesh.
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US regulations disallow mounting electronic devices above the dash (in CDL vehicles), a rule widely ignored and unenforced... unless there's an accident.
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She's driving a DAF cabover. I don't think this is America.
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and who says ponies can't drive. great work by the way.
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I hate to have to tell you this, but this person on facebook traced over your art. :/…
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AH, okay Thanks for notice to me.  I'll report it.
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No problem, sorry they did that. OTL
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I hate driving next 2 18-Wheelers in the highway. It makes me nervous.
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Amazing work and details!
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With the I Spy nature of this pic I figure it needed some breezies on the windshield .... also what's in the cab causing a distraction?
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this is just impressive. i can't say enough good things about this.
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Euro Track Simulator 2 XD
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Ah I drove a Scania I loved that truck.

I love all the details here. Especially the key chain with a pony on it. It's funny, in real life, I drive a taxi and I have Rainbow Dash chain with my car keys.  
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I NEED a commission from you!
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Looking at those tickets and passport, this would totally fit in my multiverse.
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hehehe Twilight jiggle figure.
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