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Littlepip 's Balefire bombs delivery.

By MerQrous
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If Littlepip plays Eurotruck simulator 2......

'Little Pip'  and  'Velvet Remedy' from KKat's Fallout Equestria.

Trucker Littlepip's insane balefire mega spells delivery, with Velvet Remedy.

She drives Renault Magnum semi truck, and driving likes crazy.

Velvet: Pip ? slow down , It's too fast..

Littlepip: I’m late for delivery !


Velvet remedy: What was noises ?!

Littlepip : OOPS! I forgot lock the cargo doors.

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I like your drawings!

You're talented! :D

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If Littlepip was a truck driver.

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This is awesome, and there are so many references. :D

I have to say what stands out to me most is the Licence plate. That got me good. xD
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A perfectly drawn Renault truck, very nice!
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if you see this IRL...

its already to late.

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Muslim Feminist 1 :mnotes: Driving down the road in A truck of peace :mnotes: 
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It is legit my dream to own a car with the licence plate "EC-1101".
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Great art and detail.  Now I'm imagining Blackjack in a Peterbilt.
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That licence plate ( ͡° ʖ °)
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Wait, what? Radioactive class 3?!! This is BAAD!!  Dead (RIP)  Good artwork thought. Very nice details in this.  Clap 
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Hello, I'm making MLP themed Yu-Gi-Oh cards. I was hoping to get your permission to use this image in a card. You will be given credit for your work
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Oh thanks for using my art for cards, I approve for your work.  (I'm bad at English sorry.)
ToxicTox37's avatar
Thanks, I'll notify you when it's up
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Being that i'm a truck driver, and my buddy sent this to me because of that i'm set for life!
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gotta love a Renault truck!
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That make my day!
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Falltruck: Equestria.
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