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Early morning departure.

By MerQrous
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Early moring delivery with Mercedes semi truck!!

Chicory and Lai-chi, violet rose with driver Candy bat

for :iconfreefraq: , Pich-un, Phoenix swift

Sorry for very late.
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Mercedes MP3 Euro 5 Emision :D L Noise this image for details beautiful XD.
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i find the chinese
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*Infringement notice*
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RUSH-B transport, cyka blyat, on THE CRAZIEST ETS2 PHYSICS))
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nice license plate haha. this pic is phenomenal. seems like a really cute way to spend a morning... on the road! :D
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Such Premium
Such Markings
Such Details

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Wonderful! Also, great truck:)
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I don't know anything about trucks like these, but I do know that seeing cutsey ponies driving one for a job is HILARIOUSLY CUTE!
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I'm half surprised it doesn't say cyka blyat somewhere on the truck...maybe I just can't see it.
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Nice rig.
My fav back when I use to drive was a 1978 Mack with twin shifters.
Beast to shift but not a thing on earth could bog it down.
Unless you missed a cog getting it stuck in neutral!!
I remember my boss..........Float those gears boy!!!
Stay off that damn clutch!!
Once I learned (after some grinding) I was on top of the world.
Great old truck.
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Right front wheel seems to be way to far inside the truck. 
For truck posing: ETS2 or ATS.

But still very good.
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Extremely well done as usual! So many details... OMG  Judge 
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truckload of lewd b4ts 
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Naughty bat. XD
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"Rush-B Transport" LOL
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I noticed that too XD
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P90 no stop blyat 
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