Big Waterdrop Square Feature
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This is a big feature of square waterdrop photographs. Hope you like it, 'cuz I do MUCH! You want to fave them all, don't you? :giggle:

:thumb113213425: Yellow day by Krapivka2007 My Little World by MarcoHeisler
Square Edition: Grass Drop by Mimado The Cradle by ninazdesign Structure. by DafoeofLenin
Hang loose II by Haen9 Morning Light by ironmanbr Raindrops by ironmanbr
old drops by topinka Lacrima by Jules1983 Milosnie. by 6Artificial6
Water 2nd by Woklet purity . . .. by light-from-Emirates Twins by Juchise
Water Well by Elgaris Liquid tear by sourcow :thumb107574958:
261008d by dini25 : neverland : by hellfirediva spring shower by nilgunkara
Tropfchen by xmarvel grey morning by lichtfaengerin .::Illuminating::. by onixa
I know a place by Healzo Just Hangin by sourcow After rain by aninur
Mini water tower by sourcow Packed Starfield by dexter13-sk Clover and Drop by sourcow
shimmer by tjasa blue conscience II by JoannaRzeznikowska cheers by tangleduptight
tear of gold by prismes say what? by palominodweezil here by ThisFairyTale
:thumb82437889: True Love II by dansch Drops by eyedesign
:thumb89403411:  :thumb89584964: Pearls by ivya-cz
:Blue Rose: by onixa Aurum by eyedesign .: Baby Bug :. by hellfirediva
When the plant meets the rain. by incredi Under the Surface by Sortvind Midpoint by dandelgrosso
:: I wish IV :: by JoannaRzeznikowska Cradle by eyedesign Light Blue by eyedesign
Golden Sparkle by eyedesign   A Moment Of... Silence by onixa Liquid Love by hellfirediva
I am purple2 by dini25 Morning melody. by incredi Rose Dew by ninazdesign
:: Silent :: by light-from-Emirates leaving soon by fragilesimplicity :thumb102752505:
skies cry by Chibasenka :: c r y s t a l i z e :: by hellfirediva
Photosynthesis by Sortvind Swallow the ocean by Sandy515 ornament by tangleduptight
glittery . . ... by light-from-Emirates heavenly winter III by JoannaRzeznikowska
heavenly winter II by JoannaRzeznikowska : cold whisper : by hellfirediva Blue by Chansie
Reflect... by julie-rc :in focus: by onixa 240109 by dini25
250109d by dini25 :thumb53664974: 280109 by dini25
Atlantia by Sortvind hanging2 by dini25 drop art by dini25
Divided by Stridsberg orchid s2 by dini25 Evening Dreams by Sandy515
Soft Dreams by Sortvind :thumb94484173: :thumb95769653:
Golden Dreams by Sortvind : l u m i e r e s : by hellfirediva
Taiji by Sortvind 2 People by Finvara perfect world. by einfachso
kiwi. by einfachso Bluest Blue by Finvara : morning has broken : by hellfirediva
glamour snowflake by guality More Little Worlds by Lilyas : the others : by hellfirediva
Melting - Sowflake by Finvara Color of my dreams by Finvara heartshaped by Finvara
:: lullaby :: by hellfirediva Round and Round by Finvara
Autumn-Colors by Finvara Soft by Finvara :: I wish :: by JoannaRzeznikowska
A New Day by hellfirediva .: Lucky Tears :. by hellfirediva Overload by dandelgrosso
the lamp post by Aimelle Float. by kittysyellowjacket Beads and Marbles by paintspills
: glitter gem : by hellfirediva spot by dini25 amarthyllis. by simoendli
:: Regenschirm :: by hellfirediva :: r e b i r t h :: by hellfirediva Pandemonium by Sortvind
:thumb99213620: :thumb99225286: in square . .. by light-from-Emirates
: lucid dreams : by hellfirediva Network by x-a-e Moonbeams by x-a-e
S T A Y III by JoannaRzeznikowska S T A Y V by JoannaRzeznikowska :thumb101813936:
:thumb107578454: 301008 by dini25 : frosted dream : by hellfirediva
:thumb101377997: b u z b e y a z by munhani Relax by dandelgrosso
Bridge by dandelgrosso A little magic world II by HatRat Sparkle II by evil-genius-23
Universal Solvent by TwiggyTeeluck grass by dini25 Abiogenesis by Sortvind
Lace by anna-earwen Lanterns by sourcow :thumb107197457:
From shadow to light by Sandy515 :thumb106332164: :thumb102752505:
Hide and seek in Fairyland. by incredi Morning Light by Mohain WaterHeart-c for topinka by dexter13-sk

Hope you enjoyed this. :)
Now I have to tell 'em all they've been featured :faint: Wish me luck! :D
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OMG they're all gorgeous! Great work finding them all.
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thank you, thank you, thank you!!!
wish you a magical day!

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Chansie Photographer
Thank you so much for the feature! I really appreciate your support :hug:
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hellfiredivaProfessional Photographer
Thank you :heart:
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dini25Professional Photographer
Hei :wave:
Thanks for the feature :)
:hug: :heart:
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wow, great news feature. thanks a million for the addition of one of mine :D
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AimelleProfessional General Artist
thank you for including me in your lovely selection Gabriela :thanks:
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ninazdesignProfessional Photographer
thank you for including me in this wonderful feature :hug:
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TwiggyTeeluckHobbyist Photographer
Really pretty. =)
Thanks for including me. :hug:
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ninazdesignProfessional Photographer
thank you very much :heart:
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thanks a lot! wonderful collection!
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danschHobbyist Photographer
thank you for including me in this wonderful feature :hug:
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light-from-EmiratesHobbyist Photographer
Thank you very much :) !
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Thank you
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HatRatProfessional Photographer
Oooh lovely lovely! :giggle: Thank you for adding me here :hug:
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DemonMathiel Photographer
Awesome selection! Thank you for the feature!:heart:Dankeschön!
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DafoeofLeninHobbyist Photographer
Thank you for including me! :D
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JoannaRzeznikowskaHobbyist Photographer
thank you :)
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Wow! :faint:
This is such an amazing collection!!!
Thank you so much for the feature. :heart:
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You beautiful person :) Thank you so much.
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tjasaProfessional Photographer
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eyedesignHobbyist Photographer
Thank you so much for the feature's.

Amazing collection here :D
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dexter13-skProfessional General Artist
Thanks you :hug:
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OMG wonderful selection! thank you very much! :heart:
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