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Halloween, huh?



Non non, not another Halloween picture. Just an innocent little fanart of the adorable Melissa :heart: This be her usual wear (other than the rest of the clothes she wears xD never played the game, so don't know it for sure )

I really felt like my gallery needed more bigger, detailed pictures, so I started this before/in between commissions.
Nothing special, but the pumpkins were really really fun to colour! I want to draw more pumpkins :heart:

I kind of forgot how to draw clouds, haha, and Melissa's wing(s) really bug me >_< but I can't bother to correct it now... um, and I think her pumpkin skirt supposed to be bigger too? And her hair is more blond originally, but I kind of based this off of the nendo of her. (the hair colour)

Well, that's it! Even though it's a bit early, very happy and fun Halloween to everyone! :pumpkin: :heart:

Melissa Seraphy & Wagamama Capriccio © Unisonshift [link]
Pic © chiis (that's me! ) :)
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wagamama capriccio!!!!!!!!!
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