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ive been too busy atm to update you guys here,,, im more chatty on my twitter because of the format ( @ meroaw is my handle) AND Ive been travelling hh

Went to Sydney for HCFC last weekend and im blown away again, heck, its amazing hnnnnn !!! im just!! gosh!! thank you everyone who said hi to me (i was sick... sorryy for croaking))

ALSO I've got animaga next,...weekend,,, also goign to madfest and NEONfur,,, THIS IS ALL SUDDEN AND IM OVERWHEMLED BUT!! SO PUMPED!! gonna open online store soon with con leftovers and such ;v; shipping otuside aus will sting, sorry, sorry, but its something i can't control unfortunately.

commissions are closed until after animaga and I have a waitlist atm with a few ppl keen, but I'll need to fund NEONfur asap,, since I kinda... found out last min I was accepted ^^; so will probs open for more comms too in near future

anyway thank you all for your support, will be trying to be more active on DA now things ahve died down a little!!!
ive been very absent and im sorry! i havent been able to update my comic here, please read it on webtoons >

ill be back to updating my art on here properly and being more active afer july 13, i have a winter intensive so havent had any time ;_; sorry everyone

I got a nother button amchine, laughs ,,,,

SOOO I have coms open, including button commissions like so;
Gaia HCFC Button by meroaw
These are $20 + $5 international shipping (soz). + $3 for aus. Australia sucks, I'm so sorry. You get 2 copies of the button. They are large, 44mm buttons too!
Happy to do a deal if you order more than one design for buttons - the extra design is only $15.

I'm doing unlimited orders for HCFC so let me know if you are going, you get sweet deals if you wanna order badges etc!


Can't order a commission but want to support me? Buy me a ko-fi! you get a sweeet headshot sketch!

ALSO a patreon for Dragon Laska is coming soon, once I'm finished with exams.

Thank you everyone!
hi , sorry for absence but i had final assessments for uni to do and lots of commissions so im like !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
But i just have 2 exams left and no classes so im super, duepr relaxed. Sorting out my schedule and getting my furdu commissions as well as comic work out of the way is the priority!!

I'll be updating da with more comic pages, more cool art, and got lots of awesome stuff on the horizon. Gonna be fixing up my uploads TOMORROW woooo

I'll be also prepping for Harbour City Fur Con and Animaga too - then after those are done, I'll be opening an online store. I am very sorry in advance but international shipping will sting - I'm sorry I wish I could charge cheap shipping but I cannot, Australia has terribly expensive postage to get stuff out of here and into here ;___;
wow wow wow!! i had such an INCREDIBLE time at furdu!!!!
I will defs be back next year!!

i cannot, cannot believe the reception to my art. I'm blown away by the kindness of the attendees, and everyone who came around and got something off me,
I've decided it is time now to make art my part time job because of how well i went at furdu, i exceeded my goal twice ha!! im so happy!! Dragon Laska and commissions will hopefully support me during my studies!
We will set up a patreon for dragon laska eventually too!!
gonna be working hard, ill be replying to comments soon and clearing out my messages, sorry for late responses ;_;

Harbour City Fur Con
Tagged by peril-clay 
1.Favorite movie?
thsi is hard, i love the cat returns and most studio ghilbi movies,

2.Cookies of cupcakes?

3.Favorite kind of music?


4. Do you eat meat or are you vegetarian?

95% vegetarian, its a daily crisis for me whoops ;; i try to limit my meat intake to almost nothing, but im not a 'true' vegetarian as i do eat meat sometimes, normally when i go out

5. Do you like children?

mixed, i like older children, the older the better ;v;

6. Favorite food?

DONT, askM E THIS, i love food, ok ?? so much food is good!! i love veggies n tofu ;;; my favourite cusines are indian, malaysian, japanese, n korean

7. If you could be any movie character, who would it be?

Uhh HH I DK,, one where i am a cool dragon???

8. What is your luck number?


9. Do you prefer reading books or writing them?

both, both is good

10. Would you rather be invisible or fly?


11. Favorite TV show?

Lok/atla, lots of animes like FMA, my hero academia, etc

12. Favorite book of all time? Hehehehehe

The Amber Spyglass by Philip Pullman.
I haven't opened for requests in.. years...

I like to do warm ups before drawing, often of my own characters or of other things !
BUT I wouldn't mind a thread of ideas. I might not draw your request so keep that in mind. Just need some inspiration.

SO What I want is,
canon character requests like:
"I would like to see you do a full body picture of Glory!"
"Can you draw Thorn and Sunny together?"
etc etc etc

Also I haven't read past 'The Brightest Night' as I haven't had any extra income to order the next parts! Feel free to request characters from the other books ill get around to it, , i know of them !
hi, im in con crunch mode and commission c runching and getting webcomic stuff ready!! lots going on !! im a bit overwhelmed but ill get through it!!

Got tagged for some questions ;3;
Questions from NaridTheNighthunter 

1. If you could visit one place on Earth, where would it be?

Is everywhere too cheesy? I honestly adore travel and i want to see more of the world every year.

2. Favourite film/tv series?
Thats a hard one. I adore the ATLA/LOK series greatly, and i absolutely love studio ghibli movies!

3. Why did you join DA?
because i liked drawing dragons and lots of people on here draw dragons!

4. Which artist inspires you the most?

my friends ;-; peeople i watch on da... a lot of art inspires me , i get pretty overwhelmed by it at times

5. Favourite piece of art you've done recently?

theres a particular panel i did for dragon laska i ADORE, which you will all see soon , but otherwise, i really like this!
  Power Of Fire by meroaw

6. Which song/piece of music do you ABSOLUTELY hate?

i dont really hate any music, tbh, i can listen to anything !!

7. What is the air velocity of an unladen swallow?


8. Biggest pet peeve?
mmm i have a lot. conspiracies theories that harm people directly really get to me (eg vaccines), you are hurting other people by spreading lies, and that is pretty horrible to do, in my opinion. also the whole 'fiction doesn't affect reality' thing ppl spew out a lot. Ficition DOES affect reality, and how people see the world, it inspires them, influences them, etc etc.

9. Favourite art topic (Mountains, people, mythical creatures, etc.)?

>3> Dragons,,

10. Introvert/Ambivert/Extrovert?
if i were to put a label on myself, it would be extrovert. which kinda doesnt really work with my attention issues as i lose track of conversations a lot, whoops,
oh god im sorry for lack of updates ive had, a LOT GOING ON!!

So i got a temp, maybe PROPER job going on ! Working sales at conventions selling random products. Its something different to what I planned for part time job but it works surprisingly well and HOPEFULLY... looking at more employment with the company.

I am tabling at THREE conventions in the next few months w@ Homecooked Comics in Melbourne, Furdu (furry convention) on the Gold Coast, and Harbour City Fur Con in Sydney. Let me know if you are groing to these and Please say hello to me!! I love meeting new friends!!

Dragon Laska (mine and BatwingTensei 's comic) will be debuting... in just a few weeks. Get hecking ready.

Uni's kicking me down rn, so im busy.
im excited for my week off to hang out with friends for my birthday and just, chill. its gonna be good .

I got my OWN button machine, so button commissions MIGHT be a possible thing im doing?? Not sure yet!

Some cool art happening soon;
Raffle Prizes!!
Lots of cool commissions!!
i've got BIG wings of fire fanart ideas, so ill be drawing those when i'm done with my queue
merch for Furdu and HCFC - lots of cool stuff I'll be selling!
clearing out some characters/old designs
they are all offer to adopt now !

1. Moray from here (Wings of Fire)

2.Toxin Havlini Dragon (Species from my upcoming webcomic)
Toxin Dragon - OTA by meroaw

3. Random Dragon Design
PEACH -  - OPEN by meroaw CLOSED

4. Fall (No Money offers)…

5. Ferret (No money offers)

What I'm looking for;
-Wings of Fire designs! Im having a weirdly hard time desiging my own, so I'd love to adopt at least 1 to get me started
-Art ( I LOVE art of my ocs and dont have much income rn to commission!!)

I'm not looking for:
*Edit, I'm going to be raising some of my commission prices on April 1st, I feel some are a little low atm! Probs just $5-10 here and there on some types of commissions! Just thought I'd give a heads up :>

I currently have 1 commission in my queue, so lots of room for more! :D

still cant find a job, unfortunately, so boosting my commissions!

Info here  :…
I'm going to be extremely busy leading up to our comic's release, so apologies if I miss messages or take a long time to reply - I'm using my free time to MAKE art, but unfortunately, I cannot share it here JUST yet, but it will eventually end up on my deviantart!

I also started uni this week so have been hecking busy with that too, and that's just gonna get busier,,,

I am,, so so excited and happy to announce that dragon laska, mine and BatwingTensei 's collaborative comic will PHYSICALLY release at Homecooked Comics Festival in MELBOURNE!!!

Im so so excited we got accepted and so happy - it's going to be absolutely amazing!

More details coming soon !!
I used google's number generator to pull numbers!!

our first winner is (drumroll)....

iXepheriah with number 20 being pulled!

our second winner is (Drumroll)....

Voltaic-Soda with number 16 being pulled!!

thank you so much to everyone that entered!!! i will try and do raffles more often because it was honestly pretty fun :D

So you two can pick between a speedpaint or a half body cell shade for your prize!
You can both pick the same option so dw!!

Future Sight by meroaw

Halfbody cell shade-
Juicy by meroaw

OH WAIT??  a bonus winner? Yes!!

A third winner will recieve a sketch.... and the third winner is...

JeremyKitten !!

Blease to all t he winners send me your references of the character you want drawn :D
my welfare payments got cut by 20% so im offering 20% off gift commissions, makes sense yeah? Anyway I already live under the poverty line and 20% is massive and covers my food and transport costs for the week, and Im having a lot of trouble finding a new job to try and get some savings or to help with this cut. Sorry to be blunt but I feel I gotta be honest.

Prices are here;…

Something cool n cheap is a speed paint, $20 for one like this!
its all your fault by meroaw
edit ill draw tomorrow as i screwed up updating this journal, so i will draw TOMORROW MORNING 10am AUSTRALIAN EASTERN STANDARD TIME!! GO GO GO!!!
I've just reached 1000 followers and I just wanted to give back!!!

I absolutely adore all my watchers, everyone that comments, faves or even just observes my work. It means a lot to me. So i'm going to be doing some free art for you!!! I haven't done a raffle before so bare with me ;a;

I will be doing 2 prizes, I might add more later if I get a heap of entries!

The 2 winners can pick between these two options. You can both pick the same option!!!

Experimental Painting (Half Body):
Future Sight by meroaw Tokyo Lights by meroaw


Cellshade (Half Body):
Juicy by meroaw M E R O by meroaw


-Comment on this post - 1 entry
-Share this journal in a status post or journal (please comment with a link so I can count it) - 1 entry
-You MUST be following me. New followers are welcome!
-I will assign you a number (The first person that comments gets number 1, then if they share it they get assigned the number 2). This is your number that I will use in a random number generator!

Raffle ends on the 10th of Feb (AEST). I'll announce winners through journal !

Please remember this is just a bit of fun! Thanks everyone for the support!!
Back to commissions now I've cleared my queue a bit!
Happy to do a valentines day deal , 15% off for that theme!

Hello everyone!

I'm back from Japan and South Korea and I had the time of my life. It was amazing!! I did so much stuff, like staying in ryokans (traditional inns), seeing snow and sledding, to getting to eat the best food of my life!! It was so so good and I'd highly recommend going there!

I have a lot of messages which I'll slowly go through (I don't have proper internet right now to go through them all!)

I'll be working on lots of art now im back!! Look forward to it as 2018 is gonna be HUGE!!!
I added a to do list to my front page so you can see what I've got on (and to keep track of owed art as I sort of lost track ;; )

how is everyone here?
1: What did you do in 2017 that you'd never done before?
I guess going to japan and south korea, finishing a bachelors degree :3

2: Did you keep your New Year's resolutions, and will you make more for next year?

Don't really do them, but the goals i had ive kept to!

3: Did anyone close to you give birth?
Not close to me

4: Did anyone close to you die?


5: What countries did you visit?

South Korea and Japan!

6: What would you like to have in 2018 that you lacked in 2017?

A stable  job so i can save up for a house eventually,,,

7: What dates from 2017 will remain etched upon your memory, and why?
20th of nov, going to South korea!

8: What was your biggest achievement of the year?
Finishing one of my two bachelors and getting accepted into an undergrad research program with possiblity of funding my proposal!!

9: What was your biggest failure?
my indoor cat being hit by a car, kind of contradicts the point of an indoor cat

10: Did you suffer illness or injury?
yeah, got colds and such

11: What was the best thing you bought?

some kind of nice clothes, a switch!!

12: Whose behaviour merited celebration?
why are there nazis in 2017, the australian government in general

13: Whose behaviour made you appalled?
the  g o v e r n m e n  t, nazis, general ppl being dicks

14: Where did most of your money go?

rent : ))) melbourne life yall

15: What did you get really, really, really excited about?
pokemon in general!!!! my holiday im on rn!

16: What song(s) will always remind you of 2017?
SAND planet i guess

17: Compared to this time last year, are you: a) happier or sadder?, b) thinner or fatter?, c) richer or poorer?
a) idk, both? some things suck but lifes looking good
b) ive lost a lot of weight while on a clinical trail and ive lost a lot of weight on my trip,,
c) poorer coz i blew my money in japan on pokemon goods

18: What do you wish you'd done more of?
spend time with friends, gotten more shifts at work, more stuff on my webcomic

19: What do you wish you'd done less of?

be upset n frustated, less traveling to uni :'3

20: How did you spend Christmas?
im in japan, i got kfc for lunch, starbucks for brekky, and making a dinner from lawson goods !

21: Did you fall in love in 2017?
im in love with my crow,,, always!!

22: What were your favourite TV shows?
ok ko,, jo-jo

23: Do you hate anyone now that you didn’t hate this time last year?
i dont really hate that many ppl at all

24: What was the best book you read?
gosh idk

25: What was your greatest musical discovery?
not sure, im still listening to vocaloid in 2017

26: What did you want and get?

27: What did you want and not get?

a proper job :'D

28: What were your favourite films of this year?
i dont go to new movies that often at ALL,, too expensive! i saw lots of ghibli movies tho

29: What one thing made your year?
this trip, hermes 2 getting adopted, spending time in general with my friends, i love my friends, my firends. my f r i e n ds

30: How would you describe your personal fashion concept in 2017?
bad but i can fit into dangerfield now so when i get money im gonna just wear dangerfield stuff

31: What kept you sane?
my fosters!!!

32: What political issues stirred you the most?
:)))))))))))) australian government asylum seeker polices and cutting benefits, nbn shit,, god,,,

33: Who did you miss?
my cats, all of the m

34: Tell us a valuable life lesson you learned in 2017.
unfornately i have to be extremely firm on indoor cats or else people will let them outside :') i hate taht i feel so paranoid now of cats escaping nnnnnn,,
ALSO being more careful with my money pays off WELL

35: Quote a song lyric that sums up your year.
"sand planet"
HI woah, im so sorry for inactivity but hey, gotta happen ; )
So we just left tokyo after being there for 10 days, and also seoul for 8 days - now in a rural town for 4 nights, then kyoto !! Im having SUCH an incredible time. Im having just , wow, the time of my life! its so wonderful
I actually do consider myself a photographer and haave a fb page for it - wondering if ppl would be interested if I made a seperate, new account for it? I adore taking shots! I dont think itd fit the vibe i have on THIS account as its for my digital artworks mostly !
Here are a few from my trip so far :)
i post daily updates on my twitter, meroaw , if you are into that site!

Im also still open for comms and have 2 slots atm! Slow going but feel free to let me know if you want.
Im doing $30 confurgence badge pick ups too, let me know if you are interested in those

hope everyone is having a great day!