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(Cullen x Elf Inquisitor Chapter 4) Interrupted...
Chapter 4
I froze hearing a voice on the other side of Cullens door. “Cullen.” I whispered but he didn’t seem to notice kissing the nape of my neck.
“Cullen, I think there’s someone-”
“They can wait.” he whispered back into my ear and sent trickles down my spine.
I gasped feeling his strong arms
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(Cullen x Elf Inquisitor chap 3) I Need You...
Chapter 3
After our victory at the Adamant Fortress, I'd managed to slip into Cullen’s room while he was having a meeting with a few soldiers.
“...In the meantime we'll send soldiers to-” he said and stopped once he finally noticed me in the back of the room.
“...Assist with the relief effort.”
We made eye contact for a few seconds then he tried to continue casually with his briefing.
“That will be all.” he finished and closed the door behind the soldiers that left.
“There’s always something isn't there?” I said casually, but Cullen refused to acknowledge my presence and walked toward his desk.
“Was there something you needed Inquisitor?” he said plainly and turned his attention to reading the reports scattered across his desk.
“Well, I…” I stuttered. The look he gave me before I left Skyhold flashed back into my mind.
“I…I'm sorry about what happened earlier.”
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(Cullen x Elf Inquisitor chp1) Unexpected Kiss...
Chapter 1
It was late in the night when I heard a knock on my door...
At first I thought it was nothing more than my imagination, but when I heard it again I swiped one of my daggers from off my night stand. Call me paranoid but as the ‘Herald of Andraste’, holder of the Anchor, and leader of the Inquisition, I didn’t want to take any chances.
I used stealth to conceal myself completely in the darkness of the room and crept down the stairs leading to the door. Once I reached it I opened it slowly, hid in the shadows, and lunged at the first thing that moved. I wrestled with the figure until it spoke,
“Inquisitor, wait !”  a familiar voice yelled. “It’s me!”
I froze when the moonlight cast from one of the windows of my room revealed the face of my intruder. “Commander?!”
I breathed out a sigh of relief and lowered the edge of my dagger from around his neck. I noticed the hand he loosene
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Anchored [Cullen x Trevelyan]
Title: Directions
Author: blustersquall
Game: Dragon Age: Inquisition
characters/pairing: Commander x Nevena Trevelyan
Disclaimer: Dragon Age: Inquisition is the property of Bioware, as is Cullen and any other characters mentioned within this piece. Nevena Trevelyan is my creation, under the Dragon Age: Inquisition player character, Trevelyan.
Grumbling, Cullen touches his temple, slowly drawing his fingertips across his brow repeatedly trying to stave off the throbbing pain he feels within.
What had started as a minor annoyance, a small twinge of pain above his eye during the night, had now bloomed into an almost unbearable pain that spread across the entire front of his head. It had kept him from sleeping and now addled his mind making concentration next to impossible.
As an advisor to the Inquisition he is required to have a clear head. Needs that clarity to be able to issue orders and make quick decisions in the best interests of those under his command and in the heat of b
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