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So I Had The Baby, birthing went really well only a few puffs of gas and other worldly pain later and out she came...our beautiful Kaylea Oh and I have moved states :O
If I manage to find time to get back in to it I'll likely being posting just on Instagram…  unless there's something I'm particularly proud of for here
Turn 25 tomorrow....yep getting old now. Also remembrance day.
Look forward to hearing from anyone....Have A Blessed Year <3
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So yes I'm still pregnant and been rather busy cleaning house and packing boxes and unpacking baby boxes.

Don't expect much on here I'll still log in every now and then to see the art and read that one comic.

....being that I am so far out of practice the next piece will probably be a regression in skills :/ but you know happens.

I will definitely appreciate prayers as the birth draws nearer. Hoping for an intervention free birth this time!

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Hey everyone

Just letting you know I am still Drawing in fact I am doing A #project365 where I am creating something everyday for 365 days so far I'm six days in it is mostly drawing!
Come check it out on my instagram…
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Just came home from The Alpha Course tonight next week is the last week. If you want to get some basic foundational knowledge of Christianity I highly recommend you check this out! Even if your already a Christian I implore you to go no doubt you will learn something new!

***Art Note***
I'm currently working on another human shopkin. If you have a favorite shopkin I'd love to know! .....and I will add it to my list of shopkin human fanart.
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I have 11 watchers! <3

Hooray Thank you to everyone who is watching me! must mean my drawings are half decent after all. haha

I love November because its so close to Christmas and its my birthday! ;)
So I was thinking I could do something to celebrate everything!  :D
If you have any ideas or suggestions as to what I could do let me know in the comment section!?
Pleas let me know by the end of the day!

****Little Promo****
I'm currently participating in this contest.
Such a kawaii character I couldn't resist.
Just look at that octopus :3 VVV
<da:thumb id="561562761"/> boop boop beep by Vonnir

Also feel free to ask me any questions!
God Bless and Good Evening :)
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That time of the year where you bring out your inks

This year I've decide to participate in Inktober as an initiative to prompt motivation in me to draw.
I must draw more if I want to be any good!
I'll submit about halfway through the month and at the end so your not bombarded with crappy doodles.
Please join in with me!

**** UPDATE****

I'll be posting my Inktober scribbles at the end of the month, I've hardly drawn anything. so much for motivation but when you get to know me you'll know its nothing new. haha

So here is my small effort guess i didn't get very far! but hey it got me remembering to draw a few times

Inktober2015 by MermaidMichelle
Great Initiative Check It out The InkTober Initiative

#Inktober #inktober2015 #octoberinking
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So I'm New To DA. Hi Everyone!

I wanted to submit something providing links to the artist that needed credit in my deviant description and it drove me nuts CURSE YOU!  for the life of me i couldn't figure out how to credit the artist.
Then i found this FAQ #81: How can I create links to other deviants, deviations, or websites? :phew: so its here for future reference.

All Artists must have all the credits!!!Hug

#artist #credit #howto #how
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