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Welcome to Mermaid Melody Manor! We are a group dedicated to archiving all forms of Mermaid Melody fan works, whether it be visual art, fanfics, fandubs or anything else.

We might also run some events such as contests, raffles or secret santas in the future once we've built up more of a following

Group signup and art submissions are currently open, please feel free to join and submit any Mermaid Melody art you like, just be sure to follow the rules below!

Submission Rules

This group accepts pretty much any art related to Mermaid Melody, we just ask that you submit things to the appropriate folder!

  • Character Folders are for art containing only that character, or at least where that character is the main focus.

  • The "Multiple Characters" folder is for art containing multiple canon characters. Fan Characters always go in the below folders even if there are multiple.

  • The Fan Character folders are for Mermaid Melody OCs of any type.

  • Literature and Other Mediums is for Fanfic, Fandubs or anything else that isn't visual art

  • Official Artworks is for any sort of official Mermaid Melody art, be that concept art, manga page, episode screenshots and so on. Edits of these things also belong here unless they're significantly different.

  • Any NSFW art goes in the NSFW folder. This includes sex, nudity or gore. Very mild violence, implied nudity (No visible bits) or anything seen in the anime (Mild tentacle scenes, DiD etc) can go in the normal folders. Please make sure any works in here are tagged as mature.
Hi group followers! I've decided to run a character preference survey on the groups discord server - - and I thought I'd make it open to you good Deviantart people too! It should take 2-3 minutes to complete and I'll post the results in a few weeks when I get a good amount of entries!
Simply rate the characters between 1 and 5 (Or N/A if you don't know/care who they are)!
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