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Free Tea Textures



Here's another set of textures from tea :3
8 300dpi paper textres.
These textures are FREE. FREE AS THE WIND 8D
You do not need to ask permission to use these, though faves and linking are appreciated :heart:
You can use these on any project even if the end result is sold in some way.
However, do not sell them on a resource website as your own. Free to use, not to sell.

I just mooch off people who make textures soooo much that I figure it's nice to give back whenever I can. It's also really fun to make a huge mess dying paper 8D And yes, there's dog hair in these XD Not doing that again though >.< I used salt and stuff on here. I still haven't used other paints besides just the tea, though I definitely want to use soap like how `hibbary does. They're a little bit bigger than the last couple of times cuz they were too narrow last time.

Anyways, super free, enjoy <3

EDITThe texture on the bottom is "Spicy Chai" I was having issues with the type in the preview image and that was the second time to redo it, and I don't feel like redoing it a third time :/ So yeah... Spicy Chair :3 it has the best smell out of all of them, IMO.
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Thank you bb. You're a saint.