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Giving Thanks

By MerlynHawk
This is the prayer I say before eating.
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Thank you, sweetie :glomp:
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P.S...I've edited Chimera up to chapter 17 if you're still interested in having a re-read. 1-16 is all on one file.
How's your own writing going? :)
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Yes, I would like to re-read Chimera ... but my own writing is ... not really going well ... for the first time in 5 years. In fact, 5 years yesterday! weird, huh?

Send the file on Chimera whenever you want.
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A little bit of writer's block now and again is natural. And you have written sooooo much over the past few years you should feel proud of yourself. :hug:
I'll email you the Chimera file. There have been a few changes and I'm still not 100% happy so will probably make more. No pressure for any feedback or anything (unless you wanted to). I just thought you'd be interested in seeing the changes. :)
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Thanks, sweetie. :hug: I just got it and I'm really looking forward to seeing the changes.

As far as my writer's block goes - it's weird actually. I'm working on a 2nd draft of the latest one and I just cant seem to get through it. I know what I need to do, but it just seems like such an effort.

The thing is, I've got more of the story still rocketing around in my head.

I just wish I could get through this rewrite so I could move on.

Aw well, it'll all come out in the wash. :shrug:
I have long considered heroism to be a daily way of life, not just a one time act in crisis situations.  To wit, when you have both put in a long day, tired and maybe with a cold coming on, in your night clothes and suddenly remember trash pick-up is tomorrow, the one who dons shoes and coat to get the garbage to the curb, without whining, male or female, is the hero on that day.  With that in mind, I agree with Corvidae in that Gratitude seems to be a dying art sorely in need of regeneration.  It's right up there with daily heroism, simple elegance and diplomacy.  Thank you for you gentle reminder.
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Wow, thank you very much.

I do agree with you about heroism. My husband is that hero to me on a daily basis.

I am seriously disabled and he never complains when I ask him to get up in the middle of the night to get my pills or help me get comfortable in bed. And I always think of him as I give thanks for my food as he does all the cooking.

I thank you as well for reminding me of his heroism.
Wow, feel like our two households should meet!  This account is in my husband's name, that's who "Greg" is but I actually do most of the upkeep/correspondence for the site.  My migraines became chronic about 5 years ago and the Gov officially declared me disabled 2 years ago.  Money is tight and I do what I can to remain as viable a partner in our marriage as possible but I feel like I do much less now than when we first married and he never complains.  He lets me do as much as I can without interfering or making me feel like a burden but has a way of always making sure I know I can call on him at any time for anything.  When I try to express my appreciation for what a good husband he is he tells me that just wanting to be my hero makes the rest of it easy.  Truly we are blessed people!
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Absolutely true.
If you would like to stay in touch more than just here, feel free to email me at
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It's never a bad idea to give thanks--especially at meal time :pray:  You're ritual is one that has fallen to the side over the years, but it's good to revive it :thumbsup:

:hug: Hawk!
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Thanks, John. I've missed seeing you around. You must be doing a lot of driving.
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