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OK, it's been a long time coming - I'm officially abandoning this website.

I haven't been using it, but whatever. Now they're doing crypto shit.

Fuck crypto, fuck you DA.

I have a website and a twitter acc if you wanna see what I'm doing.


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My honest opinion? Try Pixiv.

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Do you post your stuff on other websites like Instagram or artstation? Good luck!

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I don't like either of those.

(and I mostly don't post art. If it's good enough, it goes in the portfolio on my website. If it's a doodle or something less cool, I might put it up on Twitter.)

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Sometimes I can miss the obvious but can you put a link to your website?

This isn't an airport. No need to announce your departure.

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It's not a cafe for annoying assholes either, yet you felt the need to comment.

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That's sad, I hope you can continue your work well.

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You might wanna link your twitter here. I'm having trouble finding you outside your blog.

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I'm sorry to see you go, but I understand!

All the best to you, take care :hug:

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