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The game, a follow up to the critically acclaimed King of Dragon Pass, is finally released on iOS:…

ALSO, you can now WISHLIST the game on Steam:…

If you enjoyed KoDP, if you like my Glorantha stuff, you'll love Six Ages. 
Please support us, that's the only way we'll get to make more of these games. (there are 5 more planned!)
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I put up a bunch of drawings I did a few years back for the Tales of Tamriel books. Some are digital, some are traditionally drawn with watercolor pencils. 
You can buy originals here:…

(right now it's limited to the EU, I might make it available in the US if I figure a few things out)
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I added a bunch of paintings to my Etsy shop, two of them are gone already. Get them while they're hot and all that! ;)…
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November 15th-17th I'll be streaming for the online artist events at Aethercon!

^^ that's the con's website, check it out and come hang out. :)

(this one should hopefully lead to the place where I'll be streaming through the weekend)

Even if you're not interested in talking to me, check Aethercon out! Many really great artists will be there - some of the Ninja Mountain crew and others. You can play games and stuff, attend should be fun. :)


I'll be on at these times:

Friday: Jan Pospisil- 2 PM- 5 PM EST
Saturday: Jan Pospisil- 1 PM- 4 PM EST
Sunday: Jan Pospisil- 1 PM- 4 PM EST

 For my Czech/central European friends, that's 20.00-23.00 and 19.00-22.00 in our local GMT+1 timezone.

My public AnyMeeting profile is here:…
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Hello everyone, quite a long time no see!

I've been busy doing this illustration thing for a living for almost a year. Sadly, a lot of the stuff I've done I cannot show yet. I have been adding a few pieces here and there, whenever I'm allowed.

To the news:

1) I worked on an official licensed J.R.R.Tolkien product! It's a supplement book for "The One Ring" roleplaying game and you can pre-order it here:

(You'll get a code for the PDF of the book right now)

2) Work on the massive insane Guide to Glorantha is still going on. Watch me slowly descend into madness, due in "early fall 2013".

3) I've also done some art for the amazing computer/iDevice game "King of Dragon Pass"! My art is only present in the updated (and still in development) iDevice version. Still, the computer version even in its abandoned state is amazingly good. Buy it on GoG for a few bucks! 

and buy the up-to-date version in the Apple Store:…

4) I've painted these KoDP pieces in ink, watercolor and gouache, you can actually buy all three of them now! On Etsy:

5) As all the artists these days, I too have a Society 6 account. If you want a piece of mine as a print, look there! If it's not there, shoot me a PM or email and we'll talk.

Thanks for reading, if you've read this far! You kick ass!
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I shall not waste words on this, the much articulate Socar Myles summed it up very well. Read it and be angry:…

Also look at her art, it's awesome. Buy some.
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So, turns out I'm kind of contributing to a KS project right now. It's very ambitious and the art I'm doing for it is insane. Probably the most difficult stuff I've ever done.

You might've heard of Glorantha. It's a fantasy RPG world that inspired many people making games today. Even games like The Elder Scrolls series by Bethesda. (google Ken Rolston, of the recent Kingdoms of Amalur)

You might've played King of Dragon Pass - a brilliant game, also for the PC, available now on That's also set in Glorantha.

Now there's going to be "Guide to Glorantha". As you'd expect, it's a massive encyclopaedia, giving you all the information about this incredibly detailed and rich world.

Check out the Kickstarter page here:…

I honestly can't wait to get my hands on this book!
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I just noticed my last journal was from early November 2011, almost a year ago. How very neglectful of me!

A lot has changed. I managed to fail my finals at the university (hey, retake early next year) and I became a full time illustrator.  I've got papers saying I am one even!

I'm painting a lot of stuff I can't show yet, some very very exciting stuff has been in the works for quite a while and might happen soon.

As you may have noticed, I just did a big update of the gallery with illos for Hillfolk, a new game by the legendary game designer Robin D. Laws. (older gamers will know, younger ones might find him in many Pathfinder RPG credits)

You can still back the Kickstarter for that here:…

I hope you're all doing well!
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Hi guys!

Long time no journal.

I'll be at Dragonmeet this year (25.11. - 27.11.) in London. &nb… Dragonmeet website

If you (for some strange reason) wanted to meet up, let me know!

Also - Seems I have the chance to bring some prints of my stuff. But I'm not sure at all what might be popular or attractive.

If you have a moment, could you maybe look at my gallery and post a comment with 1-5 images of mine you'd buy as prints if you had the chance?

Many thanks to any and all helpers! :D
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I wrote a long post about important stuff.…

if it's too long to read, at least maybe watch this. :)…

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Kind of. Something like a tutorial on how NOT to draw swords:…;<--- on mah blog.



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I'm looking for the most awesome kickass paintings ever. If you wanna help, check out this entry on my blog!…
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In case you're not following my blog - we've released a video for TLD, with all the art I did for it. :)… Youtube HD.

Superbusy, will post something after New Year. I hope.
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Trying the blog thing. Must learn to type less and post more art and shiny stuff.…

EDIT: a new post on the blog. :)…

EDIT2: yet ANOTHER new post on the blog. What am I doing, posting so often?!! O_o…

edit 17.11.2010 : New post on the blog! Art, history, disgust, Xena. And more.…
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Just a quick journal to warn you DA friends - read this and learn. Not just about this one guy, he's not the only one with a mindset like that. Read it and share, I hope this goes through the whole DA.…

Have a nice summer, guys! I'm sick, looking for a room to move into and busy.
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Hello again!

CA/Massive Black are choosing promising young artists for some kind of a scholarship. The amazing Jana Schirmer aka Janaschi here on DA already got it. Her friend and also an amazing artist - Algenpfleger is in the polls and is currently winning.
If you have a CA account, please, vote. You can vote for whoever you want of course, but from the artists in the polls, I think Algen deserves it the most. He's talented and EXTREMELY hardworking. Just go through his CA threads or take a look at his DA gallery. I can't wait to see what these two prodigies grow up to be.

Vote here:…

:iconalgenpfleger: - Alg's profile.

(if you don't have a CA account, don't set up one to just vote, that wouldn't be fair!!!!)
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I'm still alive!

There should be some activity rather soon. I hope.

A trio of awesome:

1) Avatar: The Last Airbender is a great show. I've been ignoring it since it's supposedly for children and even worse - AMERICAN! O_O (seriously, American anime?!)  But it's really good.

2) It seems the Game of Thrones pilot for HBO was a success and they picked the show up. It's a rumor, but a pretty solid one.

3) I bought ArtRage Studio Pro. Yeah, after months of Jon Hodgson, Scott Purdy and Andy Hepworth mentioning it once in a while, I finally got it. Let's see what fun stuff I can do with it! ;)

What funsies have YOU been up to lately, hm? :wave:


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I haven't written a journal in quite a while! I'll do a proper longer one soon, this is just a query of sort.
The question is Tolkien based, but this is so much common knowledge that I hope for a wide variety of answers.

Which depiction of the Gandalf vs. Balrog fight do you like the best?

My personal favourite, as much as I love John Howe's work, is the one Ted Namith did. The architecture of Moria is much closer to my own mental image (less dirty/broken/rough stone, more marble), the angle and lighting are amazing and the motion in figures of both Balrog and Gandalf is perfect.… - here it is.
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The Drow vs. Mindflayer challenge is finally over and the judges gave their verdict. Surprisingly, I didn't win!

(note to self - this joke might get old soon)… lineup of the winners.

But another surprise was that a wonderful entry by Robert Brown won! My personal favourite which I didn't think would click with the judges. Craig J. Spearing's third place was a surprise too, that was my other favourite one which I thought would win.

Anyway, I'm so glad I worked hard for this contest, Irene Gallo (google her, she's pretty great :)) commented on my painting:

Irene Gallo - "Love the interplay of the characters. Perhaps some variations in color could help bring it to life a bit more."  :boogie:

and once again, she's absolutely right. These ArtOrder Tuesday challenges are awesome! :aww:

Firstly - Thank you all for clicking on my gallery, deviations, reading my journals and overall sticking with me. :aww:
I've now passed 50 000 pageviews and I don't feel different at all. :D

Thank you!

Secondly - ArtOrder Earthquake Challenge lineup has been posted:…

Surprisingly, I didn't win!  :rofl:

But what the hell, Lars Grant-West pointed out exactly what was wrong with that damned picture of mine and he's totally right. (and he says he likes it! :D *girly squeal* ) - I've been using aerial perspective for years now and I forgot to use it here, where massive scale is so important. Tsk tsk tsk. Shame on me.


WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT!!!   *insane fan squeal* :boogie: :boogie: :boogie:

uhm. I'm alright. :)

A sudden found joy indeed. And there is a storm coming. :aww:
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