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Sam Vimes

By Merlkir
A quick overpaint of a Denis Quaid photo from GI Joe :D
Someone said that Quaid could play Vimes in a hypothetical Discworld Nightwatch, I gave it a shot :)

here's the original:
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for some reason I thought an older Benedict Cumberbatch

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I had trouble 'seeing' Vimes till he said THAT line from 'The Italian Job'. I'm not a fan but he's always Caine to me now. Nice work.
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Nice version of vimes,
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This is my most favorite Sam Vimes piece out there!

Though truth be told, I wasn't thinking Denis Quaid when I first saw this. (I'm not that familiar with him lol) Instead this reminded me of how if I had the power, I would cast James Coburn for Vimes. Him or Sean Bean.
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i remember reading snuff awhile back and liking every part of it.
i didn't know it was discworld back then so can anyone recomend any other books in the series?
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I'm presently reading 'Raising Steam' about how railways start on the Discworld-very good but 'Mort', about Death taking-on an apprentice was a favourite.
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Thud! is one of the best of the best! The Fifth Elephant, Going Postal, Unseen Academicals, and Guards! Guards! are all extra great too! Night Watch is pretty good, but it's a must read for this one section where I nearly cried from being so emotionally moved! Oh, heck just read ALL the City Watch books is my point! LOL
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Nice interpretation! Had to Google Denis Quaid, but yeah he could take on the part of Vimes very well, if there ever will be a movie and there should be!
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Could work indeed :) Just the hairstyle of Quaid would be too "werewolf"-ish for Vimes....and that part already belongs to someone else in the Watch as we all know :P
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Yeah, everyone KNOWS Nobby Nobbs is a werewolf.Wink/Razz 
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.....well I'd never had thought of Quaid being Vimes but... it sort of works. :P
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I can actually really see this. I don't remember ever seeing him with an accent, though, and Brits would have every right to be up in arms about not having an authentic Vimes. But I could totally see it. :D
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I love the details like these burning holes on his outfit
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I've ben checking out Discworld fan art lately, and this is without a doubt one of the best Sam Vimes I've ever seen. Quick or not, you really do him justice.
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If I read the books my imagination of Sammie is near this!
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Awesome picture but Quaid couldn't play Vimes.

Too Slim and too... American.
sam Vimes as Sergeant Keel from Night Watch. Brilliant.
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Love this. I've always tried to picture Vimes as a kinda cross between an older Huge jackman and a younger Clint eastwood. This works really well though.
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I think he really IS Clint Eastwood. ;) To be honest, Paul Kidby's illustrations are how I imagine Vimes now.
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