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Rohan helmet sketches



They're really just sketches, they'd be much cleaner and nicer if I took the designs further. I didn't though. Designing rohan items is hard for me :/ Even more so than with elves, everyone expects a certain style - vikingesque/saxon mixed with lots of horse motifs. It's a neat combination, but it's been done in the movies and while it looks great, it's pretty boring to just replicate. And I can't really put in something different, because it's not what people expect and they wouldn't like it. It's a bit frustrating.
You know, my Rohirrim as I imagined them are much simpler. If I really drew or painted what I imagine them like reading the book, everyone would be disappointed.
So I drew these horrendously ornate helmets.

Making a rohan helmet is easy. There are only a few types of every part so it's just a matter of putting it together so that it fits somehow. From the viking/vendel/saxon helmets you can take the bowl which can be made of 1,2,4 or even more pieces. Usually riveted together, mostly with a riveted ridge/spine running down the middle. There can be an optional nasal of different shapes, or the goggle-like mask which can also have a few shapes. Cheekguards can be shaped differently, they can just hang down, be tied at the chin, or be a part of a more complex protective system, maybe linked to the neckguard. And there can also be a back-neck piece, it can be metal or leather, segmented or one piece, layered or hinged...
And into all that you have to put the horse motifs. They can run on the cheekguards, make a decorative crest holding a tail plume, horse head might be a part of the nasal...Whatever you can think of. Other motifs you can use are sunrays, sun circle, horseshoes...

1. Quite ornate, celtic inspired. Bowl with fluting. Leather segmented back piece, high maille collar.
2. Some kind of heavy helmet. Goggle mask with a longer nasal, neckguard over high maille collar connected to a back maille aventail. Bowl is poorly drawn, but it's supposed to look like a round segmented spangenhelm.
3. Similar to 2., rounder, somehow more ancient looking. Weird protruding nasal, horse head cheekguards. (these are not hinged as opposed to the rest, that makes the helm look ancient as well.)
4. Ehm. Really angry looking horsehead. Probably a pretty expensive helmet. Bowl seems to be beaten out of one piece of metal with the horse head riveted to the front. It also makes a ridge, so maybe the bowl is 2 piece. The tail plumes (there are 2) are supposed to fall onto the rider's shoulders. The whole helmet seems tilted backwards and it makes it look more aerodynamic. I think.
5. Well, this is just a typical shape. Nothing original about this one. :/
6. Slightly boxier looking spangenhelm with a high top plume and a maille aventail.
7. A fairly typical conical spangenhelm, but this time with a square shaped maille ventail edged with fabric/leather.
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