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Onrack No-Longer-Broken



A piece for a "Mortal Imass" challenge over at the Malazan forums. I didn't spend all that long on this, one evening in fact. I wanted to get the mood right especially, not any super tiny details.

T'Lan Imass are a race from Steven Erikson's books. Does he look like a neanderthal man? No coincidence, the Imass lived hundreds of thousands of years before the events in Erikson's books take place.
In order to win a war with a powerful enemy - the Jaghuts, the Imass performed a ritual and put the whole race under a curse - they became undead. This "immortality" was supposed to help them hunt down all the Jaghuts.

It's a very complex and sad story. The man in the picture is Onrack called the Broken. A rather tragic figure, here's some info about him:


This picture shows him sitting in the middle of a tundra - it's a SPOILER:

after he got his mortal body back in the Reaper's Gale book.


I know he's supposed to have "amber" skin and most likely I screwed up some other details as well. This is just how I imagined the Imass.
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