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Lady Envy and the Seguleh

By Merlkir
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Another batch of Erikson malaz characters ;)
Lady Envy is something like a witch/godess, the Seguleh are the best warriors in the world and currently the three of them are on a warpath with the armies of the Pannion prophet. Yes, the three of them are an army.
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Great job on this! Love the colors and composition. Also, one of my favorite characters from Malazan.
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Haha!!! Love the lipstick kiss! xD

Envy, 3 Seguleh, a wolf and a hound against an entire army, now that's something that really spoke to my imagination!
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Being a massive fan of steven erikson's work, you have certainly done him justice!
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:D thank you, also for the favs! :)
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Gotta love the seguleh. This picture of them looks very cool and I really like the mood and composition. I almost didn't see Lady Envy with the wolves in the background at first.

Just one thing bothers me. Isn't Mok suppose to have two marks in his mask rather than three(being 3rd and the 1st having no marks at all)?
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I think you're right. At the time I was painting this it had been some time since I'd read the book and I thought 3rd = 3 marks.

"but the third mask bore naught but twin slashes, one on each gleaming white cheek. "
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there are so many amazing things about this picture. The background shading, the detail of each Seguleh, the kiss on the mask of the Seguleh third.

You can really feel that these are the dreaded masked warriors that only take three to constitute an army. (to tell the truth, one of them probably counts as a army depending on their rank)
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heh, thanks :) Also for the fav :)
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wow I really love those mask designs
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:D these one word commentaries are very hard to react to :D
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awesome painting! best malazan fanart I've seen :D
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thanks, also for the watch and fav :)
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lol at the lips xD
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thanks for the fav :) also for the comment.
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This is just awesome, you rendered them almost as cool as I had imagined them. They kinda remind me of the ANBU from the naruto series except you make them much more realistc and ethnic, like the tribal swordsmen they are meant to be. The detail blows me away and I dig how you hint at lady envy without depicting any of her characteristics, its really beautiful. I think this pic of yours has my vote for first.

Increadible work.
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thanks for the fav :) ANBU masks were indeed one of the inspiration sources ;)
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haha! I love the mark of imprinted lips left by Envy. Great job
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beautiful colors :)
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