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GtG: 11 - Elves

"It is Autumn in a sunlight grove surrounding a Great Tree with golden, glowing bark, a beautiful Dryad performs a graceful ritual dance, while brown elf Forest Gardeners carry various magical plants, sticks, and other items that are to be presented to the representative of High King Elf. A fateful Heroquest is about to begin - the search for the New Seeds that shall reforest the lands razed by the humans."

11th plate I painted for the Guide to Glorantha. If you want to know more about the Guide:…
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I always enjoyed RQ elves for being so other than human; fine work here.

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Ah I remember when an elven lady killed some of my peasants xenomorph style :D
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Remember kids, always use protection!
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Were you one of the makers of KODP? If so I want to personally thank you for great job and tons of fun I had with this game :D
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I did a few pieces of art for the updated mobile and Steam versions. (+ I was lead artist on 6A)
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Very cool depiction. Nice work!
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You has it >_~
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Really beautiful work!
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Nice work; these illustrations of the Elder Races really show how alien they are. It's especially important with elves, since everyone tends to default to Tolkien / D&D elves, which don't fit in Glorantha at all.
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