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GtG: 014 - Fonrit

"In sunny bazaar, a female masarin and her bodyguard watch imperiously as her blue-skinned slave negotiates with a savage Pujaleg Bat sorceress over some trade rights (perhaps purchasing slaves from the Pujaleg, perhaps hiring them as mercenaries, perhaps just acquiring the rights to buy gold or ivory or some such valuable trade goods)."

14th plate I painted for the Guide to Glorantha. If you want to know more about the Guide:…
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Awesome. Especially that sorceress' mask.
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as always, excelent designs!
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I really enjoy the slave that's negotiating with the Pujaleg sorceress. His pose just screams to me "What, chill there, lady! No need to make a scene or anything!"

That and the details on the bodyguard's armor.