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Gruntle. Along with Itkovian the greatest character in Memories of Ice :) For he is the Mortal Sword of Trake, the Tiger of Summer!

just for fun.
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Excellent. Recently just reread MoI. The Mortal Sword who doesn't like to fight.
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can i feature this on gaia?
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Hi, What medium do you use? Do you sketch by hand or use a digital pen? And if by hand, with what? I would love to know as I have always loved art, but I can never figure out how awesome pictures like this one is achieved.
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I'd say this was made digitally and using custom brushes on photoshop (maybe). HEHEHE
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This (and most of my other stuff) is completely digital from sketch to finish. I paint using a graphic table from Wacom.
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fuckin amazing picture dude.

oh on a side note wasn't so bullshit how whiskyjack died, esspecially after all the time we spent with him, how does he go
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Fuckin spoiler mate. T_T
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(maybe careful with the spoilers mate, I've read the book you speak of, but other may have not. ;))
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Nice especially the eyes.
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Gruntle - grizzled old veteran :D
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Such a sweetheart - It looks like he has cat ears. Great impression and colores. I like that atmosphere.
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:) the hint of cat ears was intentional :) thanks.
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Wow this is a really good take on the character, I'm thoroughly impressed. hope more is on the way soon...
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That sounds awesome. I'm looking forward to seeing all you intend to do soon and best of luck with it. If this work is anything to go by what comes next will be awesome!
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thanks :) from Erikson's books there's the Lady Envy and the Seguleh pic, one old (very old) Karsa and the Thanks for 10k hits picture is Itkovian and Grey Swords fighting Tenescowri...
I intend to paint more. :)
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sweet, best book too!
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thanks for the fav :)
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no prob always good to see someone givin' ericson attention
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Great job with capturing the character. :D
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thanks :) also for the fav :)
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Gruntle was the best character, he was just so emotional and everything.
Really like this picture, even better than the cover art on the book :)
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well, I'm flattered to be put over T.Lockwood. :D thanks for the watch too.
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