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Enid vs Alexa the Rematch 05 (repost)

Enid takes her third and winning submission with a devastating headscissors. 
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I've find something interresting!! let's take a seat!!
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Glad you like it!:)
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I don't know how Alexa got herself into this position, but Enid has her left arm in a very fun placement. She can rub her forearm up and down even just an inch and give Alexa an orgasm to end the fight. See how your artwork makes me think? I was pure as the new driven snow and completely free of sexual thoughts until I started watching you. :happybounce: 

Anyway, you never shy away from the difficulty of rendering entwined bodies - hard as H to do, but you do it so beautifully.
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Thanks for the nice comment.  I'm pleased you enjoyed the pic so much!
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Wow, what a pose. Great job! :D
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Great finishing pose:), really like the physique of both women ! Great stuff as always.
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Thanks.  The original version was pulled by DA, but this new version may be an improvement!
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This headscissor is not really devastating. I was myself often in such a headscissor. Squeezing the hard skull is useless. What is really painful and unbearable when the scissor sits deeper and squeezes the jaw. Here the head is a lot of more sensitive for pain.
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I thick the bend of her neck may be the thing that causes her to submit.
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Oh yes, I see it, like a scarf hold armlock, but with the neck. Putting one part of the leg under the neck and push down the neck over this part with the other part of the leg.
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Fabulous ... as always! Wink/Razz 
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Great work. This is hot.
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Very nice work. 
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I'm glad you like it!
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Nice pose.. excellent work
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Pleased you like it!
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