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Very First Time :iconmerlin7734:Merlin7734 0 6
Untitled for now
        "What the --?" He was blindfolded and could feel the cold metal of the handcuffs digging into his wrists and ankles.  From the feel of it, he was chained to a couch or something like it.  He tried to think how he could've gotten there.  He vaguely remembered the girl inviting him inside and offering him a cup of coffee but at this point it almost felt like that had been a dream.
        "Oh hello dear."  The voice came from about fifteen feet away and she might've been standing in a doorway when she spoke.  "I hadn't expected you to wake so soon."  The voice was getting closer.
        He felt the pressure of her thighs as she straddled him.
        "Do you know what's happening?" she asked.
        "Unless this is some ki
:iconmerlin7734:Merlin7734 0 2
Falling Off
        "Stanley Jacobson, are you ready to dazzle us with your final performance?"  This was definitely not an ideal time for Stan to give his drum performance.  Doctor Anderson always timed things so that Stan got screwed over.
        Stan pulled his music out of his bag and walked to the trap set, wondering why he'd dropped those three tabs before class and why a doctor was teaching high-schoolers how to play musical instruments.
        With the whole class and his teacher watching, Stan wiped his sweaty hands on his jeans, picked up his drumsticks, and tried to focus before finally playing.
        Halfway through his performance, which was really good, the weight of the room fell on his shoulders and he felt like he was being dragged under water.  He glanced at his music sheet and did an awes
:iconmerlin7734:Merlin7734 0 0
     The frustration finally boiled over and he snapped his quill.  Kheris had been trying all morning to understand this spell.  It wasn't a complex spell, but there were several parts that seemed to contradict each other.  "On the bright side," he mused to himself, "any of the others would be drooling husks after working with this."  With that pleasant thought, Kheris set down the broken shards of his quill and set off in search of food.
     The tower was always cold this time of year.  After three years of living here, Kheris still could not get used to it.  There was no heating in the hallways, and even though he was wearing his heaviest robes, the chill was causing the muscles in his lower back to spasm.  By the time he had reached the main hall, he swore that every bone in his body was clattering with its neighbors.
     It was only lat
:iconmerlin7734:Merlin7734 0 1
The Nice Guy
What does it mean to be the nice guy?
It means to listen; it means to understand
It means to give them power, instead of making demands
It means to be the shoulder they lean on
It means being the one at 3AM they can call upon
What does it mean to be the nice guy?
It means being the one whom they can cry in front
It means not being the one they'll ever want
It means knowing it'll never go the way you planned
It means sitting down so that others can stand
What does it mean to be the nice guy?
It means letting go when you want to hold on tight
It means backing off because you know you'd win the fight
It means to suffer and be scorned
It means getting gored when you grab the bull by the horns
What does it mean to be the nice guy?
I'ts taking others into consideration
It means not fucking her when she's wasted
It means testing the waters instead of jumping in
It means closing the door, because once again it had to end
Why do they complain about the lack of nice guys?
:iconmerlin7734:Merlin7734 1 2
About a girl
This is for the one I love,
The one who even in my pain can take me anywhere
You were an angel sent from above,
I hope you know how much I truly care.
I tried to think that when I met you,
The world had changed its mind.
Like I could take my pieces and you would be the glue,
No matter how close I looked, there'd be no cracks to find.
I should have heard what you said with your eyes,
When I asked if she was an ex.
Maybe I did and it just took my heart awhile to recognize
What could only come next.
You waited until the very last,
To break it down and lay it out.
The engines failed and then I crashed,
In that moment, I forgot to shout
Even when the words were spoken,
I didn't really comprehend.
I knew that I'd again been broken,
And something was about to end.
The climax of the situation,
Was when we left without a hug.
It was the most profound sensation,
The salt upon the slug.
I miss the smell of your hair,
Each time that we embraced.
It was the promise,
Of how well I knew you'd taste.
:iconmerlin7734:Merlin7734 4 4
What it means
What does it mean to be human?
It means to struggle through every single day
It means to spit on the gates of Hell and walk away
It means to fall more often than not
It means holding on because it's all you've got
What does it mean to be alive?
It means your heart keeps beating though it be empty,
Because it's the only way to survive
What does it mean to be afraid?
It means you've still got something left to lose
It means knowing you can't unwalk the path you choose
It means knowing if you fall, your knees will get scraped
It means kissing her because you may not get another date
What does it mean to know you stand alone?
It means reaching out, because you may be wrong
It means showing yourself that you are strong
It means letting the world know that you are there
It means locking eyes when others stare
What does it mean to cry in front of others?
It means you've found a friend you can trust
It means letting go because you must
It means seeing that others can be kind
It means living in
:iconmerlin7734:Merlin7734 2 6
Mature content
Sanguine Nocturne :iconmerlin7734:Merlin7734 1 5
Left to Wander
Out of the light and into the dark
Toward an unknown destination our spirits embark
Different origins, united on the path
yet I wonder how long this will last
A small rift has been between us since the beginning
And as it grows, our bonds are thinning
You not knowing what has been done
And me too afraid to share with anyone
I've never been more alone than when I'm in your company
Why oh why did you come to me?
No one is to blame for what has transpired
But my will and determination have all but expired
What is the point in carrying on
Everything that was ours is surely gone
While I was trying to make things right
The path slipped out, into the night
My mind is weary and I'm out of breath
From what I see there's but one choice left...
It was pitchest black and I could not see
In ignorance I broke away with the greatest speed
I had not carried on, I left the journey unfinished
Now with no focal point, my life is diminished
No candles, no markers to point me in the right direction
No path
:iconmerlin7734:Merlin7734 0 1
Until then, never again
Powered by this rhyme, imprisoned in time
A repentance for this sin
But where do I begin?
From the beginning, end, or middle?
What if there are no answers to this riddle?
Inside the wrath, inside the fury
My vision's cloudy it's getting blurry
I know the goal, it's in my mind
Yet the path's so hard to find
Do I have the will to overcome?
It pounds inside like a slaver's drum
It's the voice that says give up! Go back!
That's when I know I'm slipping through the cracks
Breaking down and breaking apart
Here's the best time and place to start
Out of fuel and at the bottom
Peel away all that's rotten
Dig deep inside, find that place you never knew you had
Inside is the source of all your pain and the reason why you're mad
Build up your stength, surge across the line to win
It doesn't feel so bad when you realize you weren't the one who sinned
:iconmerlin7734:Merlin7734 1 2
Sanity is a temporary thing, it can be chipped away
It is always at the edges that you start to fray
You start to rust
Dreams turn to dust
Pound on the walls, try to get out
No one cares how loud you shout
You've lost your reason, you've lost your mind
The drugs are making you go blind
You see spots, you hear voices
They tell you what to do though you can make no choices
Sound proofed walls and padded cells
They lock you up inside this Hell
They analyze and label you
Give me a break, give me something new
They sit there, rewording the same old questions
Pretty soon you're afraid of  your own reflection
You get the jitters, you get the shakes
And everyone you see is an evil snake
Your "condition" has been branded on your soul given up and given them complete control
It hurts so much when you try to think succeeded at pushing you past the brink
It's oh so much better to rant and rave
Their approval now is all I crave
:iconmerlin7734:Merlin7734 0 1
No one sleeps for rest. They hope and yearn to dream
Where in your soul and mind's eye you see the mists of twilight gleam
Adding a halo to every source of light, making them seem almost angelic
Yet when you focus your attention upon them, they disappear like so many lost relics
Visions and prophetic hallucinations, the false realness is overwhelming
And as you try to savor them for just a moment longer you feel yourself delving
Deeper and deeper you dive downward, no longer able to distinguish reality from fiction
The perfect drug is created in your mind. There is no substitute and no cure for the addiction
I've gone for weeks without my fix. I've already started with the shakes
I've found no solace in the imitations. False advertising I say, they're all fakes!
My mind has pushed itself beyond the breaking point. The stress is too much to bear
I feel like a pair of broke down boots, cracked and lame from the wear
Who do you turn to when you want to score? And what will be the price of
:iconmerlin7734:Merlin7734 0 6
The Open Road
Both windows down, eighty miles an hour
Speeding down the road, the wind is so loud
Coming to a turnoff, the signs tower
Eased into a truck stop and passed the crowd
Picked my friend up after his car broke down
Headed back home, into the setting sun
We listened to the engine's rumbling sound
And sped off, a round from a smoking gun
Almost home.  Only an hour left to go
We passed a rest stop and a few diners
The last leg of the trip and my thoughts flow
On the open road... There's nothing finer
I think about all of this once I'm home
I'm free in my car, the country to roam
:iconmerlin7734:Merlin7734 0 1
Blinded by the light, I can't see a thing
Forgetting the truth, I'm on the edge of the dream
Recovering from pain
I'm no longer sane
Be quiet, I can't hear my screams
:iconmerlin7734:Merlin7734 1 2
Fallen Hero
Surrounded by the cold, the light is gone
All alone in the dark, the wait is long
Trapped inside the shadows
Alone after so many battles
He's the last surviving champion of his people but he's really just a pawn
Expecting relief but little does he know the coldest hour is the one 'comes just before the dawn
His will is diminished
His duty yet to be finished
He knows not how badly he's been wronged
Left to die by the ones that he protected
None stood up for him, none objected
"We've known war for so long!  Now all we want is peace"
They asked "What is one life in order to make the fighting cease?"
But once truces and treaties were broken
These were the words once again spoken:
"Who will step forth to protect their nation?"
"We were wrong before. We were mistaken"
None were ready to raise their swords this time
They were ashamed from the still fresh memory of their heinous crime
When the sounds of Hell came rushing through the castle gates
Men, women and children cowered in
:iconmerlin7734:Merlin7734 0 4
What's the focus? What's the pain?
What part of me has now been slain?
I know something's missing because I feel lighter
Yet it isn't something bad because my world did not get brighter
There's a hole inside my soul
It's a void that can't be filled
Like my heart was tortured then very slowly killed
Like all the things you take for granted until you find them gone
I know the symptoms well but I can never find what's wrong
Sitting here, I wonder why the answer hides from me...
Every time I think I'm close I can only watch it flee
What have I failed to do in order to live my life?
They keep saying I can never appreciate joy without a little strife
It's like how a teaspoon a day will keep the doctor away
You're only allowed a little happiness to make it through the grey
If instead of cherish, you let something slip through the cracks,
You will spend the rest of your days wishing you could have it back
There is no moral to this story
It's just the musings of a tattered spirit
But don't ever
:iconmerlin7734:Merlin7734 0 2

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Jason L
United States
Current Residence: CU Illinois
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Operating System: OS X, Linux, win2k
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Skin of choice: Female
I am thankful for new friends
I am thankful for new opportunities
I am thankful for old friends
I am thankful for having good people in my corner, who no matter what, won't let me throw in the towel
I am thankful for the chance to move forward with my life
I am thankful for the ability to learn from my mistakes
I am thankful for the strength to keep making mistakes in the pursuit of life
I am thankful for those who acknowledge my mistakes and whole heartily point them out to me in ways that are impossible to ignore

I am thankful to be alive and surrounded by the lives of such vibrant, wonderful people

Happy New Years
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