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New Blog

Journal Entry: Thu May 8, 2008, 12:51 AM

Hello everyone! I've just wanted to tell you some news!

First I won the Insanity Contest!!! I'm so happy!!…

Second I became member of Magicka Studio!

And third I've finnaly created new blog/portofolio. You may visit here

Thank you all for everything!

:iconczech: :iconczech-club:

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Empty Journal...

Journal Entry: Thu Apr 17, 2008, 2:44 AM

:iconczech: :iconczech-club:

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First Features!

Journal Entry: Thu Mar 27, 2008, 12:12 PM

> I'm available to Hire! <

Contact me at tomashonz[@]

As I promised here come some features! All are amazing and very inspiring! Don't forget to check!

beaten, never defeated by dypsomaniart :thumb77833470: Cry by Loks11
:thumb80161099: Come here Baby ... by Raphael-Lacoste

Mature Content

Apocalypse Please by OmeN2501

And what about me? I'm fine as always ... :)

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Subscription received!

Journal Entry: Mon Mar 17, 2008, 2:33 AM

I'm available to Hire!

:latest works:
Ant-Hill by merl1ncz Insanity Inside Me by merl1ncz Surveillance by merl1ncz

First I would like to thank to cosmosue for subscription. I just couldn't believe it!

Then I have to thank again to cosmosue and Iardacil for suggesting and featuring my work to DD.

Last days are one of the best in my life. I've got a fantastic girlfriend, I have time to paint, I'm just lucky. Hope it will hold long. :)

Thanks everyone for support! More journal entries and features are coming soon! :)

Daily Deviation, 2008-03-01

Egypt - 2070 by merl1ncz
What could be even more fascinating than an artist's vision of his own home town 60 years from now? Prague - 2075 by ~merl1ncz has that futuristic feeling, and carefully selected colors. The style - like you could see and feel the every thought and move what was made to create that scenery, a reflection of reality and now in the shape of future. Incredible! (Suggested by *Iardacil and Featured by ^cosmosue)

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Eight things about me...
I need to work more
I'm lazy to work more
I love painting
I love concept art
I love beer
I love my girlfriend, which is very new feel for me
I need to stop smoking
or I'm gonna die soon

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