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Sakura garden

I did this for a friend.

connect with me also on facebook:
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Wonderful! Good work!

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Great job!! Love it!
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It's amazing.
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this is great, will you be posting it to your tumblr?
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wonderful and telling a lot!
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That reminds me of Ayakashi Saijoyouji. 

Do not approach.  Do not sleep.  Just run.  If you dont know what that is, Ayakashi is an old Shinto legend of a cherry tree that enticed all who beheld its beautiful pink cherry blossoms into sleeping beneath it, ultimately, being drained of their lifeforce.  It is said that in Shinto that an object that has been around for a long time develops a soul of its own, and in the course of time, many suicides were said to occur because of Ayakashi.

In the case of Ayakasi Saijoyuji, the tree gained its soul, by taking the soul of a man who hung himself from beneath its branches, wishing his last view should at least be beautiful.
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velmi pekne veci robis :)
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how you manage to get so many details in these... it is amazing! 
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Soo Beautiful..
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Your friend is very lucky. This is exquisite. There's a great atmosphere here, and the colors are calm and beautiful.
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Small Floating Cloud - F2U! BEAUTIFUL ATMOSPHERE! THE SKY LOOKS AMAZING!Small Floating Cloud - F2U! 
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Awesome atmosphere and use of colors. :clap:
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The World will sleep but Core aren't
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Great atmosphere
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