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Resort Paradise

For a friend.

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Holy shit, this looks amazing!
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Fantastic mood!
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Wait, not a photo? :faint:
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I would instantly book a ticket to this place :)
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Oh my, it's really digital art? p v p 
This art is awesome... 
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I have a hard time believing your paintings are not photographs! A very hard time :lol: So good.
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They are made of multiple photos bashed together and painted over. ;)
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Maybe that would put them under the "Mixed Media" category.
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Ah! I've wondered how that works... I assume you paint directly onto the photos, but I never really know how much they've been painted over. Therefore I don't really know if what I'm seeing is part of the original photos or not.
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as for me, it varies from piece to piece. Sometimes you can barely see the photos and other times they are clearly visible. This one is half way between. :)
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I see! Thank you for answering.
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