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Long Journey Ahead

My entry for EOW on

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I would like to buy a large canvas print of this (roughly 4x3 feet). Can you add it to the Deviant Art prints shop? (Or give me an alternate way to buy?) Thank you.

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Is this the future?
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I love this, so beautifully done.
Haha, those Metro signs are the Montréal's ones. Nice touch ^_^
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The END is far away, but it always come to the Traveler.
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The scale and depth that this has is really awesome.
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that is truly amazing
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Beautiful. I have it bookmarked and downloaded.
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The atmosphere in this picture is so tangible I feel that I should be covering up from the rain as well!
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Probably my favourite image on the site; I keep coming back to it.
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A superb creation; a highly atmospheric image which does well to capture the essence of city life.
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The depth of field is great, it adds to the already well structured atmosphere. Well done. ;)
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Wow! A magical atmosphere of the night city gave me a wonderful feelings!
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all the sounds and feelings <3
it's an amazing experience just looking at this XDDDD
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Great work, love the scope!
Incredible work! I love how you can convey the mood.
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Daamn mate, that's awesome. Your works are just spot-on every time, and very creative with colors, reflections and all togeher it makes for a beautiful image! Love it :D
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I love it! Just do what you love to do... ;D
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Super, moc hezké...
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