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A new painting. What do you think?

ps, intuos 3, 5-6 hours
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Delightfully bleak! Great work. ✨

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I want to go here IRL. Can you see it? Imagine standing there just to absorb it all.  The smell of fresh cold ice, the ambiance of wind blowing unforgivably cold air over your face. To really see such a world with depth perception in all it 3 dimensional wonder. As I walk I can feel a thin layer of snow before hitting a flat sheet of glass like ice. Truly beautiful. 
This is fantastic! I saw this on Pinterest, and it took me a ton of time to find you. Glad I did, though! 
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I live in Alaska -- this speaks to me.  <3
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very well done!!! ^^ 
I love it!
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Really cool, i feel the frost and icyness Clap !
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the feeling of loneliness and gigantic empty space is truely amazing ! And furthermore I love the iced landscapes so what could i ask more :D !
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Hello! I was wondering if I could feature your painting in a small blog I run that features beautiful art and science. With your premission, your painting would be posted with your name, optional contact info, link, or anything else you would like to add :)
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Glorious. Btw why don't you call a Critique contest? So people coudl give you a critique through the critique section. Just saying! :)
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your environments are stunning really. fantastic piece
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wow this is amaaazing!!!!
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wow its winter in wisconsin
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Very beautiful scenery you draw. I just wish you wouldn't always include a person. It ruins the feeling of untouched beauty and desolation for me.
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.... so beautiful
I can feel the chill in the air. Good job.
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i think it's very very very beautiful
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Wooooooooooow is wonderful

Good job men
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for some strange reason this landscape reminds me of Icecrown from WoW.
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Nice! Love your work!
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