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Deep down in the gorge

Inspired by my travels around Taiwan. There was really actually a place which felt like this picture.


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It is like if it is a long almost forgotten area deep down hidden and has these stone relics of possibly a long ago culture or civilization ! Using my mind picture is all.
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Are you using photoshop??
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That is so cool :D Love the atmosphere you have managed to create. Keep it up.
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I really appreciate to see such landscape. Artists like you give us a new world to discover, piece by piece.
Thank you for this wonderful gift.
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Can I go here please?
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Oozing out mystery, heavily . . .
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omg it just to amaizing!Oops! 
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How you draw leaves and plants is just beyond magic. Amazing work!
I can't look at such amazing art because I keep looking and favoriting
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This reminds me of a seven-mile walk I took through Turkey Run Park, Indiana. Beautiful, but exhausting. :D I like the picture though. I could walk through it for miles
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Amazing. Thanks for sharing the feeling.
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i wanna visit this place!! haha :D
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Beautiful!! Wish I could see this place for real :)
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Very nice :D keep it up
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Wow. :heart: Great work, espacially on the bracken (if that's what it is).
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beautiful work. I wouldn't even know where to start on something like this 0_o
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Oh, the texture density and lighting is just spot on. I always enjoy your work, please keep it coming forever.
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it looks like a real stuff!!
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this is awesome !!!!
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