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Arctic shipwreck

Hey guys, after some time of doing traditional stuff I decided to do also a digital painting. This one was for EOW on I hope you enjoy it.

Btw? If you like, check out my new website [link] You will find there lot of my work including some of the traditional stuff I've been doing.

Wacom intuos 3
3.5 Hours
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Epicness B-) (Cool) 
This is very nicely done. Good work :)
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I wonder what the story is 
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...and everyone gets stuck here. :lol:
Extremely powerful painting,good lightin,pespective....whatever all is good (=,,,btw whats the name of effect you used to the ice-breaker?couse i have seen many people using that effect and its pretty nice like in that Context!
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:onfire: ... excellent work!
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Like a forgotten dream...
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Placed on the desktop!=)
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Love paintings like this with very rough forms that you can still recognise instantly, great colour use and interesting concept!
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I love those classic ships like the one to the right. It's great that you created this in just three and a half hours. It would be interesting to see how you approach that...
What's that in the background?
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the arctic shipwreck from the title of course :p
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wow!! You should really do a tutorial! I'd love to know how you do it ! ^.^
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Aah, I really, truly enjoy this scene. The perfect combination of peaceful and slghtly creepy. Your tendency to paint traditionally shows in the very organic brush strokes you've got going here, and I like that very much.
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It's very good, but did you colour edit? Because the railings and some of the highlights on the ice-breaker are really over-saturated.
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this made me so cold.....nicely done!
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This "Style" of artwork is my Favourite
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incredible, hats off
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Wow, to je nádhera! Vážně, smekám. I když je to statický obrázek, všechno vypadá tak živě a má to krásné textury.
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