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September 12, 2011
A near future by ~merl1ncz Suggester says: "I fell in love with this drawing immediately... whole town is well executed and I absolutely love how the artist drew light reflections on the road. It have very realistic atmosphere."
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A near future

Recent work for a client...

software: ps cs3
hardware: wacom intuos 3
worktime: 6 hours?

Don't forget to check out my facebook page: [link]
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loreleen's avatar
First time really ever browsing deviantart, I'm stunned at everything. The creation. The thought. The imagination... Outstanding.
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Doctorwholovesthe80s's avatar
"Smugglers Lair" "Sex and drink." And I'm like: "What, in that order?"
chrishamner's avatar
I remember seeing this years ago... one of my favorite pieces of art.
Sitas-the-Fool's avatar
Oh my, I've been looking for this artwork for so long! I had it on my computer for a long time and couldn't find the author for several years. I'm so glad right now, because it's absolutely brilliant! <3
bakteriophage's avatar
omg... I loooove it!
UltraShiva's avatar
Wonderful mood here. :)
Lillehanna's avatar
I love that "Hil on" 3* detail ))))
NuklearMoose's avatar
Love these rainy scenes on the futuristic cities
DebasishPhotos's avatar
I'd love to draw such if I could
tZuB's avatar
this is just awesome!!! I love this atmosphere!!! A perfect rendition of a dark, wet gloomy city of a near future!
whispers781's avatar
fell in love at first sight, i felt that rainy cold atmosphere dunno how to explain- i fave
zzzzesht's avatar
B E A Utiful 
Yuyu77's avatar
Love this one!
loonymond's avatar
it's a mind blower, bravo 
XBleuberryx's avatar
The writing on the "Smuggler's Lair" looks a bit too like text edited (more the part underneath) but otherwise this has a very lovely color scheme and atmosphere. Awesome!
Exxcors's avatar
Totally amazing. Oops!  Heart
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Rodney-Ledbetter's avatar
Really dig this one!
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