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DBH: Chaetophobia

Chaetophobia - fear of hair

Imagine yourself trying to look down while wearing this shirt...


My submission for Design By Human's Halloweek 3 contest! Click here for more info: [link]

I'm a sucker for Asian horror films. When I heard about DBH's Halloween contest from *behindinfinity, I thought that maybe I could give it a shot. :)

Please please please vote for our designs if you like them! The top 5 designs will be printed on shirts and will be sold at the DBH website. The links to our entries are:

Multiple votes are allowed! You can vote for as many entries as you want. Only one vote per entry though. ^^

[link] Forever and Always by Jin
[link] Chaetophobia by me

You must be registered though to vote. But no worries, registration is a snap! No email confirmation needed! Click here to register: [link]

Thank you so much for all the support!

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This reminds my of Tomie from the horror manga. Super cool, but still freaky! :)
RedRoseCreations's avatar
sierras821's avatar
ааа жесть))
Was-Is-Willbe's avatar
This is aabsolutely amazing
cursedweirdo's avatar
That totally don't look like chest hair at all. >.>
THUNDRkitty's avatar
That is so creepy!! I think that might be the only shirt that could give me a nightmare!...I like it!
JuApples's avatar
looove it! :heart:

reinds me of the grudge :)
spartworks's avatar
SaturdayMmrs's avatar
dude. i love this, but i have to admit, it scares the sh*t out of me. i do not want to look down *_*;;
oxoRIKKUoxo's avatar
This is..ahh TOO COOL!
i would so buy one!
love it <3
DreamsInTheNight's avatar
lol This would be...interesting... to see
3eep's avatar
I kinda' have that xD , I almost peed when I saw "the wig" O_O

....but for some reason I still want this shirt...
I'd flip out and try to run away from myself if I wore this shirt.
Nagatopedia's avatar
Whoa, I want one so baaaaad! :cries:
Daricia's avatar
I can't imagine catching a glimpse of that when looking at lower angles, would give some serious heart attacks the first many times lol. I would love to own one.
Aritimas's avatar
LOL the first thing i thought was "an old guy with a beard?" when i saw the preview icon XD then i zoomed in and was like "ooooohhhhh...."

Though when you look carefuly the girls eyes could be his huge eyebrows and the girls eyebrows could be his eyes lmao Like one of those pics you can hold either way up. XD

Great shirt btw! Very cool!
DreadfulPrincess7's avatar
when you wrote this "imagine yourself trying to look down while wearing this shirt."

i was like imagining if i had this shirt and i did that AAAAAAHHHH!!!
Engelen's avatar
so... did you win?
because I would totally wear this D:
mew-mew-cherry14's avatar
rockeet's avatar
sorry but I don't liked this t-shirt. That looks like black santa claus beard...
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