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Sigma published a short film these days. It is absolutly amazing.

Finally a new profile pic. And yes, it is me. Not longer a picture of my cat.

I got new stuff for my camera, a polarizing filter for example and now i need time to make more pictures.
Did i mention, that the weather in Germany is quite horrible?
Finally i bought a new camera. :-)
Derzeit befinde ich mich auf der Suche nach einer neuen Kamera. Meine Alpha230 ist eben doch ein richtiger Dinosaurier geworden über die Jahre. Jetzt ist nur die Frage welche. Da ich mein Objektiv weiter benutzen werde pendle ich derzeit hin und her zwischen der Alpha 58 under Alpha 65. Schwere Wahl...
Wetter is fine. So i grabbed my camera and went outside to take a few pictures. :-)
It is hot outside and i enjoyed the visit at the MPS in Karlsruhe yesterday. 
Good that they had enough lawn sprinkler around. It was realy hot.
Das Wetter wird langsam besser und man kann nur hoffen, das es so bleibt. Sonst werden die nächsten Mittelaltermärkte ziemlich nass. 
Nearly the half year is gone...and all day long the same grey sky. Rain....or only liquid sunshine?
I hope to get some more photos...wenn i see the sun again.
It is nearly five weeks ago since my pc give up his digital life.

Finaly i can fetch my pc from repair on saturday. Soon new pictures will be added.
A happy new year to all of you!

That all of your wishes come true.
I wish all of you a merry christmas. May all of you enjoy some quite and peacefull days whereever you are.
I have this account since years and it tooks a long time to put a few pictures online. I'd like to say thanks to all the people who watched them and put some pictures in their favorite list.

It is always nice to know that someone likes my work.