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Texture and Detail practice by MerkavaDragunov Texture and Detail practice :iconmerkavadragunov:MerkavaDragunov 1 4 Random Dragon Sketch by MerkavaDragunov Random Dragon Sketch :iconmerkavadragunov:MerkavaDragunov 1 0 The Embryodrake by MerkavaDragunov The Embryodrake :iconmerkavadragunov:MerkavaDragunov 1 0 Random sketch by MerkavaDragunov Random sketch :iconmerkavadragunov:MerkavaDragunov 3 0 Type-6 Hippocampus by MerkavaDragunov Type-6 Hippocampus :iconmerkavadragunov:MerkavaDragunov 4 14
Deep Down In The Silver Pail chapter 14
"Wow" we all apart from Rico chorused.
The Map may be just filled with simple shapes and simple colors. but the labels revealed a whole new world.
never though Route B map is this detailed with its labels.
how many exits are there?
like Why the Hell is one of the escape routes says "Dandelion-class Evacuation Transport Vessel Station"
"CA-IX Motherbird Docking station"
"Transports reaching Evacuation points include: Gallimimus, Mustang Horses, Mules, Donkeys, Cars, Helicopers, APC, Gastornis/Diatyrma, Iguanodon, VTOL Transport Jet, Mechapond (any base design), and trains".
such wondrous technology that we never see working in Desert-Jungle hybrid. at least the Map offer us Supply Depots and Evacuation camps. allowing us to rally that point to gather any useful Materials. maybe some better weapons maybe nice.
from the news we found around here and the wildlife that lives here. it'd be thankful for us to have something that can make Hunting a lot easier or at least protecting ourselve
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Mecha Dragon Portrait sketch by MerkavaDragunov Mecha Dragon Portrait sketch :iconmerkavadragunov:MerkavaDragunov 2 0 Celestial class Heavy Cruiser R.A Kriegswyrm by MerkavaDragunov Celestial class Heavy Cruiser R.A Kriegswyrm :iconmerkavadragunov:MerkavaDragunov 3 0 U.S.M Dagon Battlecruiser by MerkavaDragunov U.S.M Dagon Battlecruiser :iconmerkavadragunov:MerkavaDragunov 2 0
Deep Down In The Silver Pail chapter 13
Back to the Hospital to find the Route B map.
we Searched the shattered desks at the ground floor. no Luck. we check the dry yellow cracking walls. not a single picture. we checked all the floors,all the rooms, and found nothing.
but there was a place that we overlooked. It was the Emergency Exits. From the Top Floor one my pals said.
"Chihiro, Maia, Rex don't Forget Behind the Steel Doors or on the Floor. that's probably the best places for us to find since there are no stacks, pictures, or even any device that have any correlation to escape Route B."
we nodded and scoured, with Riko on my Shoulder taking role as our Alarm. we're probably secured on our digging.
as we Resume, Crystal found something, right underneath the stairway of the Third floors emergency exit.
"Guys, i Think i found it, bad shape but its still readable."
that was Route B a map of the entire City.
a fallen city for that matter.
we were not expecting from the map that the city was such a residential Haven. Parks, C
:iconmerkavadragunov:MerkavaDragunov 1 0
Deep Down In The Silver Pail chapter 12
next morning
we went to the same room the engineers tools were found. we hope to find the navigation device like we planned yesterday.
so far we found some useful items like a wrench and screwdriver.  
"okay that's the toolbox, i really shouldn't expect much in here especially that it came from an Engineer" says Maia
"so what have you found Crystal?" she then glanced at her checking under the bed.
"so far nothing"
"Rex?" she then asked at the one examining the bookshelves.
"fiction, fiction, fiction..... this really is a hotel/apartment. looks like someone who lived here must been an avid reader"
"okay then... CHihiro and Riko what about you" she glanced and Riko unfortunately examining the now decaying corpse of the large frog and me checking the desks.
"found something!" i said
"is it the navigation device?!" Rex shouted
" no unfortunately, but its a document."
"well make sense the person here is an engineer after all, those must be blueprints" Crystal said
"well let's see"
we r
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Deep Down In The Silver Pail chapter 11
after the murder of the giant frog, we then take rest in the scene of the murder.
"so a wrench in a place like this?" Rex asked raising an eyebrow to the object in question.
"i bet the one who'd lived here before was at least an engineer of some sorts" Maia speculated.
"now before we get into this mystery, let's take a break and be thankful that Riko is safe" i said.
Riko resting on my shoulder, we then look around the room once more so we can actually find something to use to navigate this desert oasis of a ruin.
ten minutes after the incident, Crystal was cleaning the bookshelf to find more unusual objects that could be stored in the bookshelf. after all if the wrench is there what are the chances off other stuff like a screwdriver?
she blows a huge cloud of dust to take a look at the abandoned books. Maia and Rex was doing the same thing on other parts of the room, Maia in particular checks the bed for any hidden notes or recorders. Rex checks the room above for the same reason.
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The Rot one will Desire
the Rot
is the one thing everyone will kill for
is the one thing everyone will die for
is the one thing everyone will fought for
is the one thing everyone will betray for
is the one thing everyone will be parasites for
is the one thing that everyone desire
the Rot
its the one thing the Wylde has fought
its the thing that the Wylde constantly sought
to destroy it once and for all
as it has the ability to destroy the heavens halls
scarred eye
crippled with with false somber tears is the first symptom of infection
blood rush and flush
through out your body
at this point you can even infect your buddy
heart beats rize
body temperatures of  hot and cold collide
your infected friends soon stand by you side by side
the plague spread
look overhead
dark clouds
charging in like rabid hounds
weighing more than 30 pounds
they hammer in
20 bolts of shock and horror
oh the terror
the land is infected as well
who will save us all
who will side with Wylde and end this all
once and for all
be g
:iconmerkavadragunov:MerkavaDragunov 1 2
Dragon Sketch by MerkavaDragunov Dragon Sketch :iconmerkavadragunov:MerkavaDragunov 7 3
Steel Drake (short story)
in the midst of the 20th century, when the war was bold and old. clouds darken the skies sending fear to everyone caught by the mist. it poisons me and you. amongst them was a steel beast and it's friends. even then the beast fears the cloud of death like us.
i was just a random rifleman amongst the many new meat, as a former teacher of a class i should be able to command my squad. sadly i did not achieve that, i was far to weak physically. wimpy limbs mimic those of a young calf after birth, constantly tripping from even the smallest of rocks.
"OI!!" a voice came from the command truck, the voice in question also seems to be shouting the same thing at every corner of our camp.
"listen up! we're about to protect this convoy known as dancing flowerboys! protect the tanks and mechanized troops! as their the only powerhouse of Tango company" said a feminine voice right next to the person who just said oi...
she was my commander. strong and stiff, has a personality of a rhinoceros. but wit
:iconmerkavadragunov:MerkavaDragunov 1 7
Autumn Demon (poem)
in the Autumn season
there is a beast
who commits acts worse than treason
and does it with no reason
under the night sky
sends hordes of flies
to recon the night
even the frogs that ate them will have a night fry
as they glow
oh they glow
ever heard
don't fear the darkness in the abyss
fear the light
even the ones with the capability of flight
has no might
to face the demons plan
as he got the information
she will start the raid
we will not receive any aid
from the outside
nor the inside
the demon raid will consist of
16 winged skeletal dragons
western by style
broken reverse scale by tone
monstrous in depth
the sea will be overtaken
by a giant sawfish like creature
instead of having a saw for a snout
it uses a chainsaw
to cut the earth
from north to south
or so i tough
turns out the demon have back up through the land
hordes of illusions will replicate any enemy
they see
and all this because
someone failed to destroy the trigger
destroy those stinkin flies
then he will not
:iconmerkavadragunov:MerkavaDragunov 2 7


BNHA x MH Hagakure x Chameleos by BangBooDoragon BNHA x MH Hagakure x Chameleos :iconbangboodoragon:BangBooDoragon 22 9 Heavy Tank Kranvagn (B) by StubbornEmil Heavy Tank Kranvagn (B) :iconstubbornemil:StubbornEmil 10 2 Trousers optional by Yukiumi-chan Trousers optional :iconyukiumi-chan:Yukiumi-chan 24 10 Smoking again? by Yukiumi-chan Smoking again? :iconyukiumi-chan:Yukiumi-chan 11 0 Rikka - Gridman by chinchongcha Rikka - Gridman :iconchinchongcha:chinchongcha 865 29 TREX-T1002 by Wolfhooligans TREX-T1002 :iconwolfhooligans:Wolfhooligans 12 1 BNHA x MH Uraraka x Paolumu by BangBooDoragon BNHA x MH Uraraka x Paolumu :iconbangboodoragon:BangBooDoragon 26 13 Natsuki cosplaying as Taiga by LiriLias Natsuki cosplaying as Taiga :iconlirilias:LiriLias 77 10 BNHA x MH Todoroki x Eruzerion by BangBooDoragon BNHA x MH Todoroki x Eruzerion :iconbangboodoragon:BangBooDoragon 27 6 New App is Coming by hizanourakurosuke New App is Coming :iconhizanourakurosuke:hizanourakurosuke 7 5 china dress armadillo by hizanourakurosuke china dress armadillo :iconhizanourakurosuke:hizanourakurosuke 7 2 Small-spotted Catshark by ArminReindl Small-spotted Catshark :iconarminreindl:ArminReindl 21 4 I would like pats please... by IllyaUmaru I would like pats please... :iconillyaumaru:IllyaUmaru 57 216 So i ah tried drawing myself again today by IllyaUmaru So i ah tried drawing myself again today :iconillyaumaru:IllyaUmaru 50 64 BNHA x MH Bakugo x Brachydios  by BangBooDoragon BNHA x MH Bakugo x Brachydios :iconbangboodoragon:BangBooDoragon 19 10 I haz long tail now by IllyaUmaru I haz long tail now :iconillyaumaru:IllyaUmaru 43 339


as mentioned previously in my last journal on how i will re-design I.raptor for the military. 

so here are my designs:

there will be two variants of the I.raptor re-design and will have a new name entirely. the name for this project will be called the Shinigami project coming from the Japanese Mythical spirit or god of death. the creatures genus name will be based on the name of the project, Shinigami which in Japanese translates into Death God. both of their main design philosophies are stealth, utility, scout, and assassination. meaning that they will avoid direct confrontations at all costs. these two variants are for the same purpose but with different abilities for different situations. 


The Two Variants of Shinigami:

The Shinigami luna (Death God of the Moon)

its base will be off the actual Velociraptor in the fossil record along with its maximum size being that big. apart from that it will be fully feathered and looks like the modern reconstructions of Velociraptor we see today, evident in Paleoart.
it will have the tail fans and wings of Microraptor., it will be used as a gliding tool as a way of mobility across trees and buildings.
its legs will be based of the Roadrunner not just for its speeding and steering prowess when running (either to get to place or an ability to flee)
a Secretary Bird will be a genome for its legs as well for its kicking power 
Dakotaraptor DNA will be used to enhance leg strength
Utahraptor will be used to bulk up the raptor to a certain degree, its sleek and muscular
All of its feathers will be based on Barn Owls to increase stealth when on air
Harpy Eagles are used as a way of maneuverability around dense areas in time of flight
its Mouth will be based on the raptor itself except it will have snake fangs for a good reason
the reason it will have snake fangs that so it can inject a silent quick-killing venom like those of the south sea cone snail or box jellyfish, maybe even blue ringed octopus
the snake fangs will be based off the Gaboon Viper for its sheer length allowing certainty of venom
this enables them to kill the targets quickly without spending too much time or confrontation
they will have a great sense of smell of course, better than a dogs
its eyes will be based on the Penticodon's large eyes.
its neck will be based on the Owls to allow near 360 degree line of sight. 
it will also have the heat sensor pits of Pit Vipers to allow heat detections
the colors are based on Ravens
it will have the voice mimicry ability of several birds to allow deceive and confuse the enemy which can be used offensively and defensively 

so in conclusion the genom of Shinigami luna consist of: Velociraptor (base), Microraptor, Secretary Bird, Road Runner, Barn Owls, Gaboon Viper (snake Fangs), Box Jellyfish/South Sea Cone Snail/Blue Ringed Octopus (Venom), Utahraptor, Penticodon, Pit Viper (sensor pits), Dakotaraptor, and voice mimicry birds (voice mimicry skill). 

all this make her to be a very deadly and small assassin that can quickly kill of specific targets and quickly leave. however besides having a shared flaw, it does not have the camouflage ability like the Indominuses nor the snake-tongue chemical sensors like the re-designs. 

Dromaeosauridae size chart for Wikipedia by FredtheDinosaurman

Shinigami sola (death god of Light)

its base will be based off the Celeophysis for its sleek design and small stature
its size will be reduced greatly though, using the Compsognathus size from the fossil record
also it will have the snake tongue to sense chemicals
its venom and fangs are the same as the previously mentioned variant. 
it will have the color changing abilities of cuttlefish 
as well as the texture changing ability of the Octopus
it will also have the eyes of Penticodon as well
its going to have the pit vipers pit as well
they will have the mucus secretion ability of slugs/snails to allow movement through tight spaces
Avian Dinosaur DNA is used for climbing skills
they will have their skeletal retraction ability of snakes so it can get smaller to go through even tighter spaces
they use python like necks for the lunge

so in conclusion the Genome of Shinigami sola consist of: Celeophysis (base), Pit Vipers (sensor pits), Gaboon Viper (snake fangs), Penticodon, Box Jellyfish/Blue Ringed Octopus/South Sea Cone Snail (venom), Octopus, Cuttlefish, Slugs/snails, Snakes, Avian dinosaurs like Epidexipteryx, and Pythons.

this creature have a different weakness compared to Luna, apart from being smaller it lacks the tools to be deceive troops by using their voice, it also lacks the ability to glide having lower mobility value. like it however it can kill specific targets and quickly leave. 


now onto the shared flaws, both of them are very much fragile compared to I.raptor and its re-designs. sacrificing most of its durability and size for stealth, agility, and utility. apart from that, because of their size they can't hide the carcass of their victims. meaning either way, the people will find the dead body and alert the others. 

that's all for the redesign, now onto something else. 
the reason why even my re-design like :iconkingrexy:'s re-design still won't be placed into military service. is due to the impracticality of using it, since only managed to garner one or two new roles that can be fulfilled by machines in future development. besides that the use of them is basically similar to war dogs except with the assassination role applied. even so, war dogs are restricted to logistic and security roles instead of combat operation roles. besides that the concept of combat war animals in modern warfare is an outdated concept in the actual battlefield. with the animals as mentioned in my first JW military problems journal being used in security/patrol (mine detection,etc) or logistic roles.



MerkavaDragunov's Profile Picture
name's michael.
i am a teen who likes prehistoric fauna, history, tanks, anime, and manga.
i'm planning to become a writer someday.
i am also not an awesomebro.
got story up on wattpad that is still in its draft form for review and suggestions for a great story.
the updates are slow and i know i need to rewrite.
but i'm still an amateur and still a teen. quite a busy life.

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