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I'll be dumping a lot of sketches and dodads into my scrapbook. I'm not sure where else to put a bunch of unfinished randomness. Currently I'm testing out the free art program Krita and the brushes are really fun!! Line art will forever be with SAI but sketches are just tooooo fun in Krita. 
Thanks to all who wished me a happy birthday, and some who even gave me gifts! So unexpected and sweet of you guys~ <3

Hopefully I get back on DA one day... Still waiting for my office to get itself put together so I could use my computer instead of this laptop on a dining table... lol

Still Fried

Journal Entry: Mon Apr 8, 2013, 12:27 AM
Hey everyone! Sorry I haven't been posting anything for at least a year now and this past year I haven't replied to any comments or approved of any requests.. Sorry! Motherhood has taken it's toll on me and I'm always on the brink of cheating death LOL ... I'm hoping to have maybe a teeny tiny bit of "me" time to do these things at the end of the year.

BLahblahblah :)

Thanks for visiting!

Still cleaning cobwebs!

Journal Entry: Tue Oct 9, 2012, 9:12 AM
Allo everyone! Sorry for the terrrrrible lack of updates but life's been busy--a little too much! I had all of this LoL art lined up to do but then life happened! (usual excuse right? LOL) ... But seriously I've been tending to the half mini-me and he's very high needs @@;; Yikes! What did I get myself into?! That's right.. I've been busy baking up a baby and now I'm cleaning up the mess! I haven't played LoL in a year but I still plan on at least making more Annie mix ups :) She's just fun to do.

I'll be pulling more original works out of my baby barf ridden sleeves within the new year so hopefully it'll all be worth it :D We're actually planning to go to Anime North this year!--For real this time hahahhaha ... This year at FanExpo was fun but as a new parent, I was totally burnt out. Heck I might have just slept with my eyes open the entire time! I only got to login to DA today and found 356305653 msgs I had to sift through... I'm sorry I can't get to all of them :( It's just not possible atm... I don't even have time to actually sit at my computer and do anything really productive. I think at this rate I'll have to keep the ole sketch book beside me instead and buy a new scanner haha... HNGGGG.

Anywho time to go drink my disgusting ginger honey lemon tea (bitterrrr) because I'm just recovering from 5 days of dying with illness.


And because I can't remember how to make a picture show up, here's a link to Mishka boogerface straining to poop :)…

Summoner's Showcase + +

Journal Entry: Thu Sep 8, 2011, 9:05 PM
Baww guess what guys?! My "You Smell Like Burning" Annie piece got smoked out by :iconnikasaur: by surprise and got featured on Summoner's Showcase…! I feel so happy. The fangirl in me is just a bit more sparkly!

Thanks Nika! :)

PS: Yes be patient with me everyone.. more LoL fanart is coming soon! Also all the other things that I must do XD //mumbleaboutbacklog//


Journal Entry: Mon Aug 15, 2011, 10:16 PM
Anyone coming to FanExpo in Toronto this year?! :iconmeibatsu: :iconilasu: & I sure are! We'll be sitting our butts right here at the end of A200~…


HOKAY! It's over, finally! Wow four days sure is tiring! But it's all for the experience right?! //gurgle// Thanks to those who dropped by and hello to some newcomers from our meeting! The busy bee season sure isn't over yet. I still have to haul butt and get some prizes and collab work done! OH MY SO MUCH STUFF hngggg... After the oh so much stuff I will be doing more League of Legends artwork, yuhh!! I honestly did not expect to meet any LoL fans at the expo since nobody else I know on or offline play! GUR! I will be uploading the stash that was from the con tomorrow! :)


Journal Entry: Wed May 25, 2011, 3:01 AM
:iconmeibatsu: & :iconilasu: & myself decided to join up and make a Young Justice inspired group called the SPGA! I usually don't watch these types of shows since I find them quite terrible but YJ is actually quite good. Surprise, surprise! My fave is obviously Superboy since I am a Superman fangirl and well.. problematic tall, dark, and brooding males attract me like a moth wanting to get burned! Now even if this group is related to the YJ fandom we pretty much accept any kind of "superhero". So if you're a fan of making one up, join us! :D


The SGPA in person however are a group of normal, worn out people that get together monthly to do fun activities and de-stress from life! haha

PS: For those wondering about trade slots, I will open them up later in the fall. For now I still gotta hunt for the file I lost for one of my old trades and finish it :( I'M SORRY!)


Sun Jul 4, 2010, 2:01 AM
Okay so I am going to finally open up and do some art trades! Sooo... hello awesome artistes of DA! I am opening up FOUR slots to start up with since I don't know how well this will go :)

I WILL draw: slightly risqué themes/yaoi/yuri of age, nudity, cute things, plain background of colour/sky, 2 people max!
I will NOT draw: grotesque things, backgrounds, insanely detailed clothes, mecha, architecture, hardcore porny things.

I have the right to take 2+ weeks to complete the trade if I need to, and that I will take small details into consideration but I may not end up using all of them. I'm hoping to do 1 slot per week--hoping. I would also like to note that I like drawing females more than males--bc they are easier for me.

Everyone can just NOTE me what they would like ^^

1:damphyr: :icontheironartist: status: :bulletpink::bulletpink::bulletpink::bulletpink:
2:damphyr: :icontheneongryphon: status: :bulletpink::bulletpink::bulletpink::bulletblack:
3:damphyr: :iconharpyqueen: status: :bulletpink::bulletpink::bulletpink::bulletpink:
4:damphyr: :iconbluediamondpikachu93: status: :bulletpink::bulletpink::bulletpink::bulletpink:

UPDATE: Sorry it's taking forever everyone! Everything will be finished by this week, I promise! :)

Emastirem Design by merit
My reference for the art trade :)

:star: :star: OTHER GOOD THINGS :star: :star:

:iconmeibatsu: and I have a new Livestream channel…!

Also join me on Twitter so that you may know whenever I go live! The status will also show up below in the Twitter area :)

33,333 Kiriban Count
CONGRATS to :iconjustplainjoe: for winning the Kiriban! Next kiriban catch will be 40k!

30 K, OK! -- OVER!

Journal Entry: Sun Jan 24, 2010, 3:47 PM
CONGRATULATIONS to :iconurd-chan: for catching the 30k mark! :) I didn't know it would come up this early!

I know some of you are watching for this and wondering if there will be another free sketch! And I say.. of course!~ This time around I am giving away a free BUST sketch and I'll throw in a smash of colour too!

First one to screenshot the image and send it to me wins! Email the image to -->> t [[at]] <<--

Thanks for reminding me that it's coming up! :)
Good luck!

Please also visit:

I am also a huge fan of the Star Fighter comic by HamletMachine.. so much that I had to join:

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Twenty Five Thousand!

Mon Jun 15, 2009, 7:13 AM


:iconlonestranger: has won this round! I know a few of you have been stalking this lonely page, and waiting for that magical combination, but better luck next time! :) Thanks for playing!

And now I shall go back into  my cave and try to tie the bows onto my invitations.. which I really suck at.

My partner in crime :iconmeibatsu: and are still working on our secret project ;)

Gijinka Pokemon put on a halt as I am very busy with secrecy and wedding planning :heart: I will still take suggestions (please msg me here) to add onto the list. Just give me the Pokemon name/#/Gender. I will not take suggestions for clothing because none of them will have any!

- 354 Banette F done
- 148 Dragonair M
- 358 Chimecho F
- 369 Relicanth M

:star: :star: 2009 Commission Prices!!!… :star: :star:



It's around that time again!! This time I'm announcing it REALLY early to give people a heads up! I'll be giving out another free sketch for the 25k kiriban :) I'm open to anything but mechas, buildings, and anything with hard armor. I like females best ;) Oh and if it's going to be anything scandalous please make sure the character is of age, thanks! :heart: Share the love!

My partner in crime :iconmeibatsu: and I will also have something new up our sleeves to reveal soon :)

I'm still doing the  Gijinka of Pokemon--just a bit slow right now since I'm doing other things. I use the official North American site for the Pokedex… I'm taking in the suggestions though :) They will all be 'naked' in some way meaning I won't design clothes! They'll have skin patterns! Please specify the number, name, and gender.

- 354 Banette F done
- 148 Dragonair M
- 358 Chimecho F
- 369 Relicanth M

:star: :star: 2009 Commission Prices!!!… :star: :star:
Upon checking my DA messages this morning I find 2 lovely automated notes from the staff. The piece I did for my Five-Twos kiriban was deleted due to violations. They didn't specify exactly what it was. Was it too ecchi or something? I've seen other accounts full of horrible nudity.

I am at a loss here but won't fight it. I'm just a bit dumbfounded.

:star::star: COMMISSION PRICES HERE… :star::star:
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I am happy to announce that there is now a winner for the Five-Twos kiriban sketch! :iconjerzypony:

In other news, I have joined the :iconcolormeclub: and will be posting some line art there soon :)

:star: :star: 2009 COMMISSION PRICES!!! :star: :star:
Note that I don't do mechas and have a fair dislike for heavy armor and guns. But I do accept some soft ecchi :heart:
All prices are in USD and for personal, non-commercial usage only!

:star: Free hand sketch ==> $5
Bust only will generally be more cleaner looking than a full body.

:star: Clean Pencil ==> $10+
The more insane details given, the more it will be :) Something like these below where details are small will be $10 ^^
:heart: CG for Pencil: Add on $5 to the amount of the pencil work. Colour flats only.

:star: Inked ==> $15+ Bust, $20+ Full
Prices will only go up with a lot of detailing, hatching, shading. I will occasionally add flat black or some line work in the hair for shading myself. It depends if it will look good on the piece or not--but since it's my own doing I will not charge you extra!……………
:heart: CG for Inked: Add on $5 for flats only ->… ..Add $10 for cel shade style ->…

:star: Chibi Inked ==> $5 per character!

:rose: These prices are for high res digital copies only. If you want a physical piece to hold you will need to pay for shipping.
***Payment is due BEFORE I start your piece.
****I accept Paypal or Canadian Certified Cheque!****

THANKS!!! :)

:iconmeibatsu: is also available for commissions! :D Give her a visit!