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SGPA - YJ - Sugar Space Bunny



For the SGPA, part of the Young Justice League fandom! LOL Join the team, and fight baddies!

Secret ID: TK
Superhero Alias: Sugar Space Bunny / Space Bunny
Group / Alliance Affiliation(s): Super Galaxy Princess Alliance

Nickname(s): T
Age: 17
Gender: F
Nationality: Asianesque
Current Residence: Home
Height: Short
Weight: Tiny
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Dark Violet
Hair Type: Long
Physical Description: Petite

General Personality: Quiet and cautious to newcomers. Openly friendly to close relations. Loyal to those deserving.

Good Traits: Loves to feed others deliciousness
Bad Traits: Obsessive compulsive. Worry Wart. Short attention span to things that do not interest.

Quirks: Can't stop eating deliciousness or cuddling animals or making stupid faces.
Fears: Losing close ones, hates power cables, spiders, most bugs, slime, mold, small spaces.

Memorable Quote(s): That's not the point!

Relationships: is flirtatious but does not like anyone.
Closest Friends: Solar Cat, The Dark Lord.
Enemies: that could be easily arranged.

Power(s): Telekensis, telepathy, shielding

POWER/ABILITY 1: Flight & High Jumps
PROS: Gets to destinations faster with lesser obstacles in the way. Great advantage points towards ground based enemies.
CONS: Fear keeps her at bay! She would do a lot better in an instance away from the city and all of the scary electricity things!

POWER/ABILITY 2: Hallucinogen Dust
PROS: Creates a 5 second daze for the target. Knocks out very weak targets.
CONS: Must gauge enough dust depending on the target's susceptibility/tolerance. This can get annoying! Sometimes there just isn't enough to even make a 5 second daze but just a minor hazy feeling.

POWER/ABILITY 3: Suggestion
PROS: Coupled with her crazy sparkling dust, she can suggest ideas to the induced and create hallucinations.
CONS: Target must be induced with dust before being put under suggestions. If there are multiple targets that were hit with dust at once then the suggestion has less zing.

POWER/ABILITY 4: Shielding
PROS: Deflects minor small objects such as pots 'n pans, knives, rocks etc. Very quick to summon up in a jiffy.
CONS: Can't save self from giant boulders, trucks, or a bicycle etc. Quick summon means short period of usage as well! Would need multiple summons to keep on shielding.

Weapon(s): First Aid kit & Utility Knife
Style: evasive unless extremely provoked.. then it just gets erratic and a bit suicidal LOL
Strengths: loyalty brings on all sorts of strength!
Weaknesses: having close ones used as bait by enemies

After so many day dreams, stories, and drawings about being a magical girl, she finally got her wish! TK was dragged into the good guy vs bad guy universe by Dysta along with her cousin Phuong. Now new adventures await! So much better than the drab dating scene in high school!
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