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Temporary Photos, Art, Crafts
Horus Mozarabe by GiuliaEchelon
Aladdin (2019) by GiuliaEchelon
Zaher Myrath by GiuliaEchelon
Gilbert x Violet by GiuliaEchelon
Animal Mummies and Skeletons
Giraffe Skull. by Lord-Imhotep
Hippopotamus Skull. by Lord-Imhotep
Rhinoceros Skull. by Lord-Imhotep
Sarcosuchus Skeleton by Lord-Imhotep
African Cultures
Mwana Mkisi by Eldr-Fire
Oya Chase Card Art - Lynne Anderson by Pernastudios
Oshun Base Card Art - Mel Uran by Pernastudios
Yemaya Base Card Art - Sha-Nee Williams by Pernastudios
Atlantis, Thracian Civillization
Illuminati May Special 2018 by Mikewildt
ancient lost pergament necronomicon style cthulhu by Mikewildt
Atlantis by flames6995
Shepherd's Journal - Missing Page by smartguy123
Kemet Photography
Festival of Clothing Anpu, 10th of Shomu I by warboar
Offering Litany for Babi (Egyptian w/ Eng. Trans.) by warboar
Djehuty and Babi in the Informal Shrine by warboar
Informal Shrine to Ipet-Taweret by warboar
Kemet Art and Crafts
Anpuankhses Dungeons and Dragons Pawn (Edited) by Anpuankhses
Message one: 12 Goddesses by JesusANDJuliet
Nepthys by Stellaria-Graphie
Judgment of Hounefer's soul  by Stellaria-Graphie
Hittite and Ottoman Civillizations
God of wind Tarxantus watercolor watercolor pencil by PirraAiren
Young Anu and Alalu by talfar
Surp Yerortutyun 2 by seth2012chaos
Surp Yerortutyun 3 by seth2012chaos
Persia to Iran Civillizations
Bagoy, portrait by PirraAiren
Bugoy. by PirraAiren
The Lion Hunts - Ceramic Display by FireVerseCeramics
Persian Achaemenid Gold winged lion by PirraAiren
Mesopotamia to Iraq Civillizations
Sahiqat by Eldr-Fire
India Ancient to Modern Civillization

Mature Content

Niguma by Eldr-Fire
Grand Asia Photography
Shanghai: the beautiful city by RAIS1
Grand Asia Art
Ama by Eldr-Fire
Greek Civillization
Lord Iapetus by PoisonDLucy13
Roman Civillization
Gods of Rome I by Pelycosaur24
Celtic Civillization
My back tattoo - finished by Stellaria-Graphie
Norse Civillization
Odin - Classic Mythology AP by tonyperna
Slavonic Civillization

Mature Content

Rusalka love by IllyDragonfly
Native Americas
The Pilgrim of Pariti by Eldr-Fire
Tropical Islands
The Gateway by suyuku-san
Australia and Oceania Civillizations
Guni by Eldr-Fire
Enchanted World
An Uphill Battle by dhbraley
Abstract and Surreal
Stone Age - Stereotype vs Reality by Pelycosaur24
Digital Art
Ogion the Silent by Wolfberry-J
Traditional Art
Tutenstein by FantasyTrashie
Artisan Crafts
The Golden Eyed Buccaneer by nverrechia
Architecture, Interior, Exterior Designs
Old houses by Sergiba
People and Portraits
Listening to the Wind by IllyDragonfly
Celebrity Special Album
The King or the Tiger? by Lord-Imhotep
Celebrity Special Album part 2
Indiana Jones by Lord-Imhotep
Bollywood World
Badhrinaadh by Diana-Creationz
Nude,Erotic Photography and Artwork

Mature Content

Graszka Paulska - Butterfly by QCC-Art
Retro, Antiques Photos and Art
Indian 841 by Lord-Imhotep
Vintage,SF, Steampunk
Fashion Photography and Craft
Peacock Feather From Noah by ice-queen-blue
Fashion Designs
Story's design - Louise, countess of Summervill by Arrelline
Garden Life and Trees
Let's play? by Sergiba
Lone Rose by Oceanisuna
Fruits, Vegetables, Food
Flowers and treats for a mother by IllyDragonfly
1965 Ferrari. by Lord-Imhotep
Scapes and Transportation
August mist by Sergiba
Dogs and Puppies
Sarah by PoisonDLucy13
Cats and Kittens
Cat by meow0013
Falcon drawing by meow0013
Domestic Animals
Boris V. Bun-Bun by Lord-Imhotep
Domestic Animals Artwork,Crafts
My coat has a face!!!! by IllyDragonfly
Wild Animals
Harbor Seal On The Beach by RebelScumWoman77
Wild Life Artwork, Crafts
Under Water and Marine Life
Purple Octopus by RebelScumWoman77
Reptiles and Amphibians
Snapping Turtle. by Lord-Imhotep
Insects and Invertebrates
Beautiful Butterfly by Lord-Imhotep
Movie, Series Characters
Hero by FantasyTrashie
Cartoon Network, Fox Kids, Jetix Characters
And This Is A Slow Night feat. Batman-redone digit by dhbraley
Dreamworks,Dreamworks-Disney Crossovers
Snow day by IllyDragonfly
Disney Villains
Goooood girl! by IllyDragonfly
Disney and Dreamworks Fashion
Disney heroines - how they could look by Arrelline
Disney Animals and Monsters
Southern Royal family by Sanio
Disney America, Africa, Native
Kuzco by FantasyTrashie
Disney Orient, Asia
Historical Disney Warrior Princess - Jasmine by Pelycosaur24
Disney Europe
Daydreaming by IllyDragonfly
Anime,Manga, Chibi, Vector
Little Boy Bailey And Little Boy Happily by RebelScumWoman77
Zodiac Aries
Countenance of a Goddess by Agnethamoon
Zodiac Taurus
Taurus by Truffalo
Zodiac Gemini
My contest 2nd and runner up prizes- Gemini by IllyDragonfly
Zodiac Cancer
Don't Mess with a Cancer's Food by Oceanisuna
Zodiac Leo
Musical Leo by dvnmyls
Zodiac Virgo
Virgo: I Serve by xBlondieMomentsx
Zodiac Libra
Libra: I Balance by xBlondieMomentsx
Zodiac Scorpio
Scorpio Moodboard by JesusANDJuliet
Zodiac Sagittarius
Sagittarius: I Expand by xBlondieMomentsx
Zodiac Capricorn
Teen Capricorn by RebelScumWoman77
Zodiac Aquarius
Teen Aquarius by RebelScumWoman77
Zodiac Pisces
Teen Pisces by RebelScumWoman77
Doll Maker Animals
Oh dear! by amanmangor
Doll Maker Ancient
Lady Sif by PoisonDLucy13
Doll Maker Fantasy
spooky-doll-Halle by PoisonDLucy13
Doll Maker 1600 - Modern
Lithium by PoisonDLucy13
Doll Maker Characters from Movies and Cartoons
King Edmund the Just by loverofbeauty
Icons, Stamps, Avatars etc
Pixel gemstones - Adularia by Arrelline


I want to apologize for not being active on the group for long time... :( I will do my best that in December - January will clean and arrange the group plus new stuff posted
Please join the group it contains lots of interesting things on it. I recommend it to everyone :)……
ok so I have on Facebook a person in my friend list which constantly is sending same and same comment everywhere at a period...I do find interesting what he is telling in the comment so I decided after such a long time to share it with you bcz it is interesting to explore the content :)
I will not express my opinion,it is up to you to read and decide :) I don't want my opinion to be influenced into your thoughts about the content shared. :)


People do not follow the principle of humanity: Instead they select emotions; lie to themselves; believe they love nature - but do things which destroy it. He does not love animals when he himself is a cemetery of carcasses, or when he rubs lotions onto himself which derive from vivisection - or tolerates those who do.

People do not become human through birth, but rather through ethical perfection. One cannot change the world when one is unable to change oneself. We create it through the acceptance of evil.
We kill human nature; modify genetic foodstuffs; women become men; and men become women; or those that do so are tolerated.
Every butcher can be vegan, because vegans do not have the principle "not kill".
Drugs, alcohol, and cigarettes are not forbidden. Everybody has human rights: meat men, butchers in order always to kill; and the "idiots" who sign petitions against slaughtering without any effect.

I appeal to people not to use words like "vegan" , but rather "true man", "natural", "human". Otherwise inhuman occupies this position, by calling themselves human.

Help for animals is impossible, as long as people do not change, because they are the source of the evil. Sending animals into unknown hands does not resolve the problem. All this is described in the book "Humane Education".

One should build one or more non-profit world centres about life and human happiness, based on ethics, logic and social justice.

We have to change the world immediately through wise actions and education. It is necessary to unite all human groups under one neutral roof of "real human beings" without division into varios names.-Together we are stronger...
..................... Would be pleased if you would take a look:… "
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